Saturday, August 4, 2007


Last night the King and I called home to tell the kids to set the table, we were bringing home supper. The kids were anxiously awaiting our arrival.

Duchess: "What did you get?"

Me: "Chinese."

Duchess: (Jaw dropping to the floor) "You went to China? How far was it?"

Another one...

Duchess: "Mom, did you ever get killed when you were a little girl and you rode your bike on the road?"

Me: "No, I obeyed my parents and did not ride my bike on the road."

Duchess: "Good, cuz if you got killed, you'd have to go to the doctor and your mom would get real mad at you."


  1. Cute!

    You obeyed your parents??!! Ok, maybe when you were younger...I'll give you that one...maybe.

  2. I forgot to tell you...loved the story about Duchess and the toad...I can see her doing it.


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