Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Miss My Brother

Jouster is gone for a week. He is at a Youth For Christ camp in Colorado.

I miss having him around. So does Prince Charming. Jouster rarely complains if I ask him to hold his baby brother, especially when I'm needing to get some work done. Really, you ask. He's a teenager for crying out loud. He actually takes him with out complaining?

Holding the baby in our house is as good as a get out of work free card. No work is involved, just sit with him and keep him out from under mom's feet.

Jouster is an expert at putting the little guy to sleep--and BONUS!--the no work thing is extended until nap time is over.


  1. I hope he has a great time at camp....he'll be home before you know it.

  2. Michelle....I challenged you to do something...hop on over and check it out!

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