Sunday, August 5, 2007

While You Were Out....

We decided to pull a "While You Were Out" episode on Jouster when he was away at camp. This project upset out whole house for an entire week. The morning he left, Jester began tearing apart their bedroom. He was already tearing down the loft beds by the time I got the camera upstairs.

As you can see, the boys had pink carpeting in their room. I am ashamed to say we have never painted this room since we moved years ago. It was in pretty tough shape. The old plaster walls were cracked with peeling and chipping paint. Jester had to scrape and fill in many cracks and holes before he could start painting. Then he tore out the old carpet which was glued down rubber backed. He even hung a new light fixture.

It's hard to see from the poor picture quality, but the room is gray...Confederate gray is the best explanation. The new carpeting is a multi-colored berber. The carpet layers came in yesterday afternoon and when they were done we spent the evening reassembling the beds and moving furniture back in. Loft beds are great in a small room like theirs. Under one bed is a reclining love seat, and under the other is a desk. The love seat is their favorite place to take's too much work to climb up into bed for a quick snooze.

I had a great idea to put shelves up above the windows for their alarm clocks and fans (it gets hot so high in the air). When The King gets home Thursday, he plans to put permanent outlets up there so we don't have so many extension cords hanging around.

Jester worked hard to get it done and was extremely tired by the end of the week. He was pretty proud of his accomplishment. We still have a few more things to do...bookshelves, window treatments and closet organizers.

Jouster's reaction to the transformation? "Oh man, this room is sweet."

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  1. That is awesome...It's a good thing Jouster liked it!

    I love the loft beds...such a space saver! Where did you get them? Rochelle is looking for some.


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