Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a dapper King who owned a parcel of land and dwelled alone in his castle. On a routine trip to the market, God led the King to a radiantly stunning (hey, it's my fairy tale!) damsel. The King knew without a doubt this was to be his helpmeet and betrothed himself to her.

Their union produced four handsome sons. Realizing the Queen was outnumbered, the King traveled to a far and distant land and brought home a beautiful daughter to dwell in their kingdom. The King and Queen rejoiced in their blessings. Their quiver continued to expand and over time God blessed the King and Queen with another daughter and son.

The children were so well behaved that visitors were suprised to hear there were seven children dwelling within the castle walls. The royal children never had to be told to clip their nails, brush their teeth, or make their beds. This could only be explained by the excellent parenting techniques implemented by the King and Queen.

Peace, calm and quiet is how their castle was described to strangers. (Didn't I say it was my fairy tale?) The King was a fair and mighty ruler in his land. Other kings would commend him on his seemingly effortless approach at rearing his children. The Queen ran her household smoother than a tightly wound catapult. Other queens would marvel at the fact that her castle was spotless and she found no need to employ outside help.....


  1. Michelle;

    I love that story, can you tell me again (that is the true test of a good story, the listeners ask for it "again!"

    I'd love to hear more about your adoption...

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. I enjoy reading your tidbits of your life as a queen, and so good to see you enjoying your family, frustrating at times, but they are so precious each and every one.
    Take advantage of those special times, they quickly pass and before long.........it is grandchildren, and believe me, they are super great too!!
    God bless you all!!!

  3. Hi Michelle,,,,You must be awfully busy, I'm waiting to read about your exciting life and if you are still quilting. Have you any other crafts you have made or could share??

  4. Wow, what fantastic pictures, that is what occurs in the fall and it is called Indian Summer. Someone just lately said, "we haven't had Indian Summer yet", but they are wrong and you have the pictures to prove it. Good job, Michelle!!!

  5. Michelle, I would imagine your household is pretty busy now before the holidays. It amazes me how you cope with all your family and the things you do accomplish....amazing.
    Just yesterday I sent home a little 24" tree with my grandson, for him to decorate and put in his room. Of course, we had to find some lights for it too, plus some ornaments that he picked out from my Christmas overstock! He could hardly wait to go home and put it in his room.
    Then I got to thinking of you and your family and what things do you do to decorate.
    Are there trees in all the kids' rooms, do you decorate one big one together, do they all have favorite ornament.???
    Share your ideas, will be interesting subject.
    Merry Christmas.....and I know you have Christ in your celebrating the season, as we do.
    God bless,

  6. Hi Michelle.....Did you hear there is a January thaw on its way?? Yippee skippy!! I'll bet the Great White is rarin' to go, and what better place than to fetch the King!
    Oh, and by the way, I loved the purses you've made, they are so unique! Maybe some day you can make me one,,,,,, ???

  7. Hi Michelle~~miss hearing from you, I suppose you are busy filling those quart jars with goodies for winter besides all the other activities. If you make a lot of salsa or need to chop up veggies, get yourself a chop wizard from Target, as advertised on TV. They work super great and can save you lots of time.
    Hope to hear from you yet in September. :-)


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