Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alien Invasion

I found these pictures on my camera. I can't believe that aliens would leave behind proof of their experimentation. It kills me to think of my children being analyzed, probed, and implanted with who knows what.

What kind of unthinkable tests were run on this unassuming child? Why couldn't those aliens just have fun making a crop circle or two? What can be the reason? Experimental mind control? Aliens have a sick sense of humor. Sick, I tell you!

Then to move onto my precious daughter. She seems so confused. My heart breaks when I see this. It's like her eyes are asking, "Mom, why aren't you here to protect me, what are they doing to me? Why, Mom, why?" Were aliens re-sequencing her DNA? Whatever they did, the experiment went horribly wrong. I do hope her memories of this tragic event stay repressed in her sweet mind forever.

Worst of all, they touched my baby! I guess I can't blame them for wanting to interact with such a brilliant human life form, but why the dis-figuration? No wonder he talks about aliens like they are real. To think of the trauma this poor child has lived through in his four short years of life is more than I can bear.

Until today I haven't believed in extraterrestrial beings. With this photographic proof I guess I have no choice. I believe. Now, Great Alien Master of the Universe, go back to making your crop circles and leave my kids alone!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Queen Comes Out of Hiding

Yes, that's me. I'm back. I really do miss blogging, but it took a lot of time away from other things in my life. Mainly housekeeping, child rearing, exercise, spending face to face time with important people in my life, etc. I guess I need to find a happy medium. I am not the best time manager. We'll see how it all goes.

You may wonder what's been going on around here. I'll try to sum it up for you.

The King of my castle is busy, busy, busy. Always on the road, it seems. When he's home, he's on the phone with work...I guess I shouldn't complain. He has a large family to provide for, and it takes a lot of provision to keep us going. He doesn't get a lot of free time, but his new hobby is trying to create the perfect pie. You'd think I would like it, but I don't. You should see the scale when I step on it. He's sabotaging me.

I can't remember what I called this kid. Squire? He's 14. He is busy with school and activities. Track is happening now, and only 35 days left of school. He has big plans to take Driver's Ed this summer. (Lord, help me!) That way he'll be ready to drive when he turns 15 in September. He would like us to move to South Dakota so he could be driving now.

I'm pretty sure I called this one Scribe. He's 13 and up to the same stuff as his closest brother. It's frightening to me, but his voice is changing. I hear men in my house all the time now. He's a comedian and makes me roll my eyes and shake my head many times a day.

Jester. Not so much anymore. The laughter he brought to our home is no longer here. He decided to disown the family. This is one of the last times I saw him, which was on his 19th birthday in October. It's sad. It's hard. I'm trying to deal with the rejection, but not doing so well. Some days I cry. Other days I am just plain angry. Angry with him. Angry with my husband, because I so badly want to blame someone. Angry with me, because I didn't see it coming. I feel betrayed. I miss him.

Prince Charming. What can I say about him? He makes me smile every day. I look at him in awe and wonder. As a mother I can brag about his brilliance. He's four and is starting to read. Seriously. I haven't even taught him how. The other day he said to me, "Freak is like free. Free is F-R-E-E. I can spell freak. F-R-E-E-C." I was very impressed. Of course, I didn't correct him. He'll be home another year so he should have the correct spelling down before he starts Kindergarten in 2012.

My Jouster. Not so much a fighter with me anymore. (Whew!) Though we do compete from time to time. Here we are doing a push up contest (he beat me because he's only 20 and the sun was in my eyes, but I gave him a run for his money). He is making great strides at turning his life around. He still lives at home and is my right hand man when The King is away. He's working at Hardee's while he waits to start construction work the end of May. He's looking forward to making some real money so he can get a place of his own. I'm not so sure I want him to go, It is really nice having another adult around all the time. He has a girlfriend who has a one year old son. I adore that little guy. I love it when they come to visit so I can get my baby fix.

Maiden and Duchess. Two years apart and toothless together. Isn't that fun? I love my girls. One looks just like me, one acts just like me. So, I guess I have two Mini-Me's. I don't know if that's good or bad. I guess it depends on who you ask. They are doing well in school, and sadly for The King, love to spend time at the mall (which I have no problem with).

Well, that's it for today. I'll have to let you know in the next few days what I've been doing for myself. I am heading down a new path...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Four Year Old "ROCK STAR"

My baby turned 4 on Sunday. Prince Charming is my little buddy, making me laugh, keeping my heart full of love, reminding me every day of all the reasons I love being a mom. Here is a photo of him at our local county fair on kids day. One of the stations for the children was a temporary tattoo application table. He was convinced this tattoo (that has a purse on it) with the words "Girls Rule", really said "Rock Star". I'm not sure who told him it said "Rock Star" but I am pretty sure it was a girl! That's what you get when you have two older sisters. You believe everything girls have to say.

Let me tell you about this boy. He came along after four older brothers and two sisters. A surprise. A big surprise. His oldest brother was born when I was 22. He came along when I was 38. A more mature and much more laid back mom than I was with my first, at an age when I thought I was too old to go through it all again. This son, my seventh child, has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. He loves me. Really, he does. He is the last one at the door, if ever I have to leave on my own, to give me a kiss (or two or three) and to smell my neck (he loves my perfume), and the first to welcome me home with outstretched arms and more kisses.

He still sleeps in my room. I could move him in with older siblings, but I would miss hearing him breathe during his slumber, the giggles he has during funny dreams, and the little voice in the dark of the night that sometimes says, "Mama, I had a scary dream. Can I sleep with you?"

Maybe it's me who finds comfort in seeing him across my room in his crib (yes, I said crib). Is it because he's my baby that I haven't been able to put him in a bed yet? Will he be scarred for life because his mama was in no hurry to move him to a big boy bed? I tell myself no. I believe he will be so well adjusted and content with life that he will never have to 'find himself'.

If ever I have to be away from home during the night, he insists that my perfume be sprayed on his pillow. I know these days are fleeting. I know there will come a day when he no longer feels the need to kiss me goodbye, or find comfort in the scent that reminds him of me. I have four older boys. I know what happens with time.

He loves to play with the girls, and they love to play with him. They are instrumental in deciding what to play. Dolls. House. Kitchen. School. They decide if he is the dad, the chef, the student, or the baby. He just goes with the flow (usually with a car or two in his hand). He is willing to follow their lead.

He excitedly goes with his sisters to 'girl' stores, finding the an item or two that could fill a boy's needs. Most recently when visiting the American Girl Doll store, he found a boy doll that looked just like him. It's on the top of his Christmas list. He wants an "American Boy Doll" and has renamed the store "The American Boy Doll Store". He would also like a stroller to push his baby in, but he could not find one that wasn't pink. He told an employee at the store, "You need to get a boy stroller here." Really, American Girl creators, you should be a little more sensitive to the needs of little boys who have older sisters that love your products.

Not only has he blessed our family, but he is blessed. He always has someone around to comfort him. It is not unusual to see him in the arms of a sibling giving him sympathy if he's been disciplined, receiving medical care for a boo-boo that mama didn't think warranted a bandage, or just a little extra love because he's in the right place at the right time.

I am thankful for this little surprise that came along four years ago. He keeps me young. He keeps me active. He keeps me grounded. He keeps my eyes open to the things in life that adults don't always see.

Happy Birthday Prince Charming. I love you!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back...By Popular Demand

Okay, not really popular demand. One friend from high school, one current best friend, and one family member giving me a hard time about not updating the blog may not really be popular demand. But, it's my blog and I can say anything I want, right?

It's been two months since I last posted. My best friend knows when she doesn't hear from Michelle that she's been having 'issues' in life. The same holds true for my blogging. When I have 'issues' I don't feel like talking (or typing...or sharing). A lot of changes have been going on in this household.

First of all, I am no longer a homeschooling mom. But I am still a mom, with the best interests of my children at heart. I don't know when it hit me, but I just could not do it all anymore. I was checking out as a mom and honestly don't think I was doing a very good job at "Mommy". It was a tough decision for me, and one that truly disappointed The King, but it was necessary for my sanity. I was tired of feeling guilty for not loving what I did, and feeling like a hypocrite every time I'd attend a homeschool planning meeting, or when I'd enthusiastically encourage another homeschool parent going through a rough time. I was afraid to tell my peers, but they have all been supportive and will continue to be whether I keep the kids in school or decide to bring them home again. (They are true friends!)

For now, the children all seem to be adjusting well. Prince Charming has probably had the hardest time because he just doesn't know what to do with himself anymore. I try to keep him busy during the day when his siblings are gone, but he still seems lonely. However, I must admit I have loved the one on one time with him!

That is change number one. I'll update another day about other changes. (Hey, I need content for future posts...don't want to use it all up on one.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am totally in love with this art program. The kids really enjoy watching the videos then implementing the concepts. This lesson focused on line.

This is Maiden's practice sheet showing different types of line. The video suggested using a black marker for this lesson. I had Sharpie markers...I wouldn't suggest using them.

Prince Charming can never be left out. Driving his cars while the others are drawing.

Duchess and Maiden's assignment was to draw a caterpillar and then fill in the various circles with different types of line drawings.

The idea of drawing a bug caught Prince Charming's attention. He quickly abandoned his cars and picked up a marker. Did you know he was a lefty?

My other lefty. Duchess takes her schooling very seriously.

Prince Charming's finished drawing. I think he did pretty good for a three year old. Don't you love the look on his face? It fits his personality perfectly.

"Hey little buddy...give Mama that camera. No, don't push that button..."

The older boys' assignment was to have an outline of some type of animal and fill it in with various types of line. Here is Scribe's creation.

This is why I don't suggest using Sharpie's. They bled through the paper onto my dining room table...

in four different areas. It's been over a month and the marks are fading but are still quite visible. It's a good thing I didn't let The King buy that $4,500.00 dining room table set he was drooling over a few years ago. I think he's thankful too.

What do you think? The program is a little spendy, but the kids love art now. I love it too. Very little prep time, very little teaching time, plus they are learning. Now that's my kind of homeschooling.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox

Prince Charming caught the pox. I had a few sleepless nights with the poor guy. The King was out of town so I had the privilege of dealing with it all on my own. He was a little crabby and hard to deal with during the worst of it, but now that he's almost clear of any pox, things are back to normal.

He loved being covered with Calamine lotion. Some of his siblings wanted to count his spots, but he said, "No, they are my poxth...you can't count them!"

He thought every spot needed a bandage, but I talked him into only one. The worst pock he had was on the inside of his lower left eyelid. It didn't bother him as much as it bothered me.

He was a pretty popular little boy. I had a number of people call to come visit so they could expose their kids. He loved the attention...and sharing lollipops with his friends.

He took a lot of oatmeal baths. I put oatmeal in an old sock and he would squeeze the milky liquid out into the tub and rub it on the worst of his itchy spots.

The oldest boys had the pox a number of years ago and the middle four were vaccinated. If I could do it over again, I would have skipped the vaccination. Maiden still ended up with 27 pox and Duchess got a few too. They also had fevers, headaches and sore throats along with Prince Charming. I've been told they will need Varicella boosters in the future and there is a possibly they can catch a mild case of pox every time they are exposed. UGH. I wish I would have done my homework on that one!

Fortunately for Prince Charming he's now fully immune, and pretty proud of the fact he had the "chicken poxth blithsterds".

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Lesson in Life

I can think of one lesson in life that I learned quickly, and never attempted to try again. Maiden recently learned it too. Can you guess? It has something to do with winter, a tongue, and a metal pole.