Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Four Year Old "ROCK STAR"

My baby turned 4 on Sunday. Prince Charming is my little buddy, making me laugh, keeping my heart full of love, reminding me every day of all the reasons I love being a mom. Here is a photo of him at our local county fair on kids day. One of the stations for the children was a temporary tattoo application table. He was convinced this tattoo (that has a purse on it) with the words "Girls Rule", really said "Rock Star". I'm not sure who told him it said "Rock Star" but I am pretty sure it was a girl! That's what you get when you have two older sisters. You believe everything girls have to say.

Let me tell you about this boy. He came along after four older brothers and two sisters. A surprise. A big surprise. His oldest brother was born when I was 22. He came along when I was 38. A more mature and much more laid back mom than I was with my first, at an age when I thought I was too old to go through it all again. This son, my seventh child, has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. He loves me. Really, he does. He is the last one at the door, if ever I have to leave on my own, to give me a kiss (or two or three) and to smell my neck (he loves my perfume), and the first to welcome me home with outstretched arms and more kisses.

He still sleeps in my room. I could move him in with older siblings, but I would miss hearing him breathe during his slumber, the giggles he has during funny dreams, and the little voice in the dark of the night that sometimes says, "Mama, I had a scary dream. Can I sleep with you?"

Maybe it's me who finds comfort in seeing him across my room in his crib (yes, I said crib). Is it because he's my baby that I haven't been able to put him in a bed yet? Will he be scarred for life because his mama was in no hurry to move him to a big boy bed? I tell myself no. I believe he will be so well adjusted and content with life that he will never have to 'find himself'.

If ever I have to be away from home during the night, he insists that my perfume be sprayed on his pillow. I know these days are fleeting. I know there will come a day when he no longer feels the need to kiss me goodbye, or find comfort in the scent that reminds him of me. I have four older boys. I know what happens with time.

He loves to play with the girls, and they love to play with him. They are instrumental in deciding what to play. Dolls. House. Kitchen. School. They decide if he is the dad, the chef, the student, or the baby. He just goes with the flow (usually with a car or two in his hand). He is willing to follow their lead.

He excitedly goes with his sisters to 'girl' stores, finding the an item or two that could fill a boy's needs. Most recently when visiting the American Girl Doll store, he found a boy doll that looked just like him. It's on the top of his Christmas list. He wants an "American Boy Doll" and has renamed the store "The American Boy Doll Store". He would also like a stroller to push his baby in, but he could not find one that wasn't pink. He told an employee at the store, "You need to get a boy stroller here." Really, American Girl creators, you should be a little more sensitive to the needs of little boys who have older sisters that love your products.

Not only has he blessed our family, but he is blessed. He always has someone around to comfort him. It is not unusual to see him in the arms of a sibling giving him sympathy if he's been disciplined, receiving medical care for a boo-boo that mama didn't think warranted a bandage, or just a little extra love because he's in the right place at the right time.

I am thankful for this little surprise that came along four years ago. He keeps me young. He keeps me active. He keeps me grounded. He keeps my eyes open to the things in life that adults don't always see.

Happy Birthday Prince Charming. I love you!


  1. I have been waiting and waiting for a post from you. I have been patiently waiting and checking every day or two, to no avail. Then, finally, a new post. And, what a post it was! It brought tears to my eyes. EG is such a little sweetheart and you have the best words to convey just what a blessing he is to you and your family!
    One L

  2. I can NOT believe he is 4 years old. Happy Birthday to your Prince Charming!

    How are your older boys doing?

  3. Michelle!
    What a lovely post!
    Unlikely nomad

  4. Michelle,
    Please blog about My Sibling and My Pal BOY dolls (www.mysiblingdolls.com), after you read this post. I am so glad I found you! It's nice to read about down to earth people like you, whom I can relate to in many ways (I am 2nd oldest of 7 children, and the mother of 4). The reason I came to you was because I received a "Google Alert" that you were discussing BOY dolls. I have a great alternative to American Girl (or boy!) dolls, and considering your large family, you will appreciate the price difference! Before you buy anything for your son for Christmas, please shop at my online store and see the great selection of boy dolls that I have! My program benefits teens and adults like my 24 year old son who have developmental disabilities. All the clothing and accessories are designed by me and made by local seamstresses (and me). As a mother of 7, I am sure you can appreciate what I am trying to do with my doll program, teaching children to care about others and their environment through the stories that come with the dolls.

  5. Happy belated birthday ... sweet little Princely blessing! You do your mama's heart good...may you always stay close to her and may God guide and direct your every step.

    Love you Michelle

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  6. Just got caught up on you'r life. Can't believe your youngest is 4! Wow. Life sure goes by fast:)



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