Monday, April 18, 2011

The Queen Comes Out of Hiding

Yes, that's me. I'm back. I really do miss blogging, but it took a lot of time away from other things in my life. Mainly housekeeping, child rearing, exercise, spending face to face time with important people in my life, etc. I guess I need to find a happy medium. I am not the best time manager. We'll see how it all goes.

You may wonder what's been going on around here. I'll try to sum it up for you.

The King of my castle is busy, busy, busy. Always on the road, it seems. When he's home, he's on the phone with work...I guess I shouldn't complain. He has a large family to provide for, and it takes a lot of provision to keep us going. He doesn't get a lot of free time, but his new hobby is trying to create the perfect pie. You'd think I would like it, but I don't. You should see the scale when I step on it. He's sabotaging me.

I can't remember what I called this kid. Squire? He's 14. He is busy with school and activities. Track is happening now, and only 35 days left of school. He has big plans to take Driver's Ed this summer. (Lord, help me!) That way he'll be ready to drive when he turns 15 in September. He would like us to move to South Dakota so he could be driving now.

I'm pretty sure I called this one Scribe. He's 13 and up to the same stuff as his closest brother. It's frightening to me, but his voice is changing. I hear men in my house all the time now. He's a comedian and makes me roll my eyes and shake my head many times a day.

Jester. Not so much anymore. The laughter he brought to our home is no longer here. He decided to disown the family. This is one of the last times I saw him, which was on his 19th birthday in October. It's sad. It's hard. I'm trying to deal with the rejection, but not doing so well. Some days I cry. Other days I am just plain angry. Angry with him. Angry with my husband, because I so badly want to blame someone. Angry with me, because I didn't see it coming. I feel betrayed. I miss him.

Prince Charming. What can I say about him? He makes me smile every day. I look at him in awe and wonder. As a mother I can brag about his brilliance. He's four and is starting to read. Seriously. I haven't even taught him how. The other day he said to me, "Freak is like free. Free is F-R-E-E. I can spell freak. F-R-E-E-C." I was very impressed. Of course, I didn't correct him. He'll be home another year so he should have the correct spelling down before he starts Kindergarten in 2012.

My Jouster. Not so much a fighter with me anymore. (Whew!) Though we do compete from time to time. Here we are doing a push up contest (he beat me because he's only 20 and the sun was in my eyes, but I gave him a run for his money). He is making great strides at turning his life around. He still lives at home and is my right hand man when The King is away. He's working at Hardee's while he waits to start construction work the end of May. He's looking forward to making some real money so he can get a place of his own. I'm not so sure I want him to go, It is really nice having another adult around all the time. He has a girlfriend who has a one year old son. I adore that little guy. I love it when they come to visit so I can get my baby fix.

Maiden and Duchess. Two years apart and toothless together. Isn't that fun? I love my girls. One looks just like me, one acts just like me. So, I guess I have two Mini-Me's. I don't know if that's good or bad. I guess it depends on who you ask. They are doing well in school, and sadly for The King, love to spend time at the mall (which I have no problem with).

Well, that's it for today. I'll have to let you know in the next few days what I've been doing for myself. I am heading down a new path...


  1. Oh, thank you for the update. I'm sorry for your Jester - thank you for being so open about it. Does it help that your oldest has turned around? I hope so. That gives hope, right? Hang in there :)

    And I loved all the other pictures too - LOVE those toothless smiles! God definately intended those girls be together when he created them on opposite sides of the world :)

  2. GREAT update Michelle! You sure have lots to do with keeping track of all the kids (and the king)! BTW....LOVE the picture of the girls but I LOVE the one of you even more! You are so pretty!!!

  3. I'm with Chris--you are one beautiful woman!! Thanks for the update and all the great pictures of your beautiful children! You are blessed!

  4. Hey baby, thanks for the post. These mean a lot to me when I am traveling.

    BTW I must agree, you are beautiful!

  5. Hi Michelle, Good to see you pop up in my reader! Thanks for the updates..I am sorry about Jester...I know your heart must be hurting. Teenagers..they are a handful. I love the little girls toothless smiles..and of course the Prince he is growing like a weed and looks so innocent sleeping!:)

  6. (((((HUg)))))!!!

    I am so sorry about Jester's decision...praying he will wake up to a fresh revelation of the bad choices he is making about his family and his future. I can only imagine those crying times and your aching heart Michelle.

    Do tell us about what you are up to...I am eager EAGER to hear...P.L.E.A.S..E!!

    The portrait of you is beautiful...I guess that should be rewritten, it is YOU who is beautiful.

    love to you and my prayers...

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  7. Arg....wrote and then lost it.

    here goes again...

    I am so happy you are back!!
    I have missed reading about you!

    I loved your last post , you look so pretty!

    I am happy to see everyone.
    I am sad about Jester.
    I have a son and I feel your pain.

    I have a theory about kids, that what we teach them stays with them for their lives, and it always comes back to them as a levelling influence.

    It was this way for me and for my siblings.
    I am sure Jester is finding himself, and I know he will come home to you soon.

    Keep loving him, be patient and be there.
    I feel for you!

    BIG HUG.

    Heather aka unlikelynomad

  8. Hi Michellle!

    I hope you are well!

    I am so curious about what your new direction is!
    I hope you are well, and that you have lots of fun summer plans!
    Hope you are well,

    Unlikely Nomad (Heather)

  9. Hi, dear Michelle, just checking in to your blog...been awhile for both of us, I see. Still praying for you all. About Jester...I remember that deep heartache when Sarah seemingly turned away from us and God when she was 18. She is 31 now. Just moved into a nice apartment with a roommate (female), started a new job as Companion/Personal Caregiver to a woman who is challenged with MS and has joined a fellowship of believers in Yahshua (Jesus). Keep praying and believing in God that He will never forsake "Jester." He is faithful to complete the good work that He has begun. Love you.

  10. You certainly have your hands full. It must be really satisfying to see them all growing up. Congratulations.

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