Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Skaters

Saturday is my favorite day of the week now. (Even though it involves me being cold for an hour.) It's skating day for the girls. I love watching my girls out on the ice, improving their skills week after week.

They are oh, so cute! Duchess is a bit of a hot dog on the ice. If she falls, she gets right back up and continues on. She's always practicing moves that are beyond her skill level. Her goal is to pass the level she's in and move on. I have a hard time dragging her off the ice. Nothing will come between her and her practice time.

Maiden is a little more careful. She cries when she falls too hard and has to come to me on the sidelines for a few kisses and to dry her tears.Then she goes back out to continue on. She is more than ready to be done at the end of her lesson because her teeth are chattering uncontrollably. But she doesn't want to quit. She can't wait for the day she can do some spins.

Sitting in an ice cold arena is not my style. I really hate to be cold. But watching my girls and the excitement they have when they are out on the ice is worth it. (Thank goodness for long underwear!)


  1. I love ice skating. Did I tell you for a brief moment I pondered getting Amanda on the ice this winter? Then I remembered what I will look like this winter. Probably not condusive to trying to teach a toddler how to skate. Maybe next winter.


  2. So sweet. what nice memories this will be for both of them.

    (bring a thermos of something warm and yummy for your that will make it better!)And maybe a big fleece blanket!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted
    expecting again...from Ethiopia!

  3. How wonderful..a little girl time every Saturday! Take a blanket to sit upon will make a difference:)

  4. I agree with the others- fun memories & great girl time. Even with the cold! ;)

  5. Yeah....girls day Saturday, even though you have to be cold!

    They look so cute in their sweatshirts and hats and mittens. You have such cute kids!


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