Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prince Charming's Hair

Prince Charming had his first haircut when he was two years old.  He did not like it.  Not one bit.  It was a very traumatic experience for him, he kicked, screamed, and cried the whole time.  The King had to hold him down and the haircut was not one of the best.  We decided the next haircut would wait until he was a little older.

At 31 months of age we decided it was a good time to try again.  He had quite a mop of hair on his head.

When we went to South Dakota for Easter, we took him to The King's favorite barber.

Prince Charming was not impressed:

This is him watching the barber and contemplating whether or not he wanted to participate in such a horrifying activity.

He got as far away from the barber chair as he possible could.  Doesn't he look traumatized at the thought of a haircut?

He watched Squire get his hair cut.

And then he watched Scribe.

Next up was Grandpa.

And Daddy.  But Prince Charming did not participate.  We tried three times to get him into the barber chair.  Too much kicking and screaming.  The barber suggested we give him half a beer and try again later.  We decided the haircut could wait.  Those golden locks weren't so bad.  Maybe when he's a little older...

Five days later, after a day of playing outside in the hot sun, I told Prince Charming his head wouldn't get so sweaty if he had a haircut.  He was afraid it would hurt.  I told him he'd like it better than getting his fingernails clipped.  He thought about it for a while and decided he was willing to to give it a try.  Unfortunately, it was 8:00 at night and not many barbers were readily available.   

 I didn't want to wait for him to change his mind, so I pulled out the scissors and started cutting.

This time there was no crying, kicking or screaming.  Just a little boy who sat still, smiling through the second haircut of his life.

Here he is.  My little boy, who really looks like a boy now...no more baby look for Prince Charming.  (I think I might cry.)


  1. We'll just say it was a culture thing. He couldn't get his hair cut until he was no longer a nursling. Go ahead cry. Me and my big mouth tying those two together.

    He does look like a boy now.

  2. Perhaps we've been reading too much Samson & Delilah?

  3. The barber suggested we give him half a beer and try again later

    I think you needed one as much as he :)! He is adorable, just adorable in any hairstyle he wears.

  4. awww... Love the family affair of getting hair cuts. And love the new big boy hair!!

  5. What a cutie pie. I can't believe how big he has gotten... think it must be time for new pictures, huh? Good job on the haircut. I'll just come on over to you next time for our family cuts!


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