Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Look What We've Found...

This is the area of my garage where I store my canning jars and canning supplies.

And some other special things.  Duchess would love for you to see what we have stored in this box.

And so would Maiden...

Are you ready?

Baby kittens.  One of our farm cats got creative and found an empty box to use as a birthing room.  The boys had a fabric lined box set up for her, but she must have thought an empty box on a shelf was a better place for her youngsters.

This is The King's table saw.  The sawdust reservoir has a dual purpose.

Here's a closer look.  Not only do we collect sawdust in here,

but baby kittens too.  This mama didn't want to use the ready made birthing box either.  

Life on the farm.  We love it!



  1. Baby kittens! The girls look so proud! Very cute post, I really enjoyed it..what fun!

  2. They are so cute Michelle. I wish you didn't live so far away or I would bring my kids over for a visit. So much fun!


  3. Crazy mama cats! We had babies too but I haven't found them yet...I think they are in the hay loft and it is creepy up there so I haven't ventured up there yet....last year a racoon ran over Jeremy's foot when he was up there.


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