Monday, April 20, 2009

New Addition

The King of my castle excitedly came in the house on Saturday, "Hey honey, want to come outside and see what I got for you?"  Oh, was I ever excited.  Great White is causing us a lot of problems and I thought maybe he had gotten me a new vehicle.  As thrilled as he was, I expected to see a Cadillac Escalade sitting in the driveway with a HUGE bow on top with and a big tag that read, For The Queen of my castle.  Nothing is too good for you.   I couldn't get out the door fast enough.

Instead, this is what I saw on the lawn: 

He was grinning from ear to ear and said, "It's a new addition to our tractor family.  Don't you like it?"  He had made an attachment for the lawn tractor.  He went on to show me the places he had welded, and how he made it into a three point hitch.  "This will work so good in the garden."  I tried not to show my disappointment.  But when you are expecting this:

It's a little hard to swallow this:

Thank you honey.  I love my new digger cultivator thingy.  I'm sure it will bring me many years of happy gardening.  (Now, can we talk about replacing Great White?)


  1. Wow, that is impressive! It looks professionally made - good job, er, King!

    Best wishes on your escalade!

  2. Oh too funny! Too bad it is not the new vehicle you had hoped for!!! But the tractor digger thingy looks really cool. I am bad about following blogs, too. I will add yours to my sidebar that way I always check those at least once a week or so. :)

  3. Sorry about your Caddy..but Gardening takes priority..LOL quite a contrast! But the garden thingy looks well built:)

  4. I would be excited to have one of those...then I wouldn't have to beg Chad to hook up the digger so I can get my garden dug! I have to agree tho, a new Escalade would have been a little more exciting.

  5. oh, too funny!! Sorry it wasn't what you were dreaming for! ;)

  6. Welcome to my world. Farming equipment always seems to take priority over things like a new front door since outs has a rusted hole in it.


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