Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Learning to Read

Duchess really wants to read.  We've been using Alpha Phonics, but she doesn't seem to be catching on.  I don't think she is ready to start reading yet and I would like to put it away for a while.   She is not willing to wait.  She wants to read NOW!  So, I grin and bear (and repeat over and over) our reading lessons.

Today I asked The King if he could read with her.  They were working on the 'ad' word family.  She read aloud:  ad, had, dad, Tad, and then got the deer in the headlights look when she came to the word sad.  The King decided to give her a little hint, "If I'm not happy, I'm...."  Duchess beamed and loudly exclaimed, "Angry!"

The excitement of reading lessons doesn't stop there.  One day she and I were working on the letter P.   I said to Duchess, "The word purse starts with the letter p.  Can you hear puh when I say purse?  Other words that begin with p are pin and pad."  Duchess said, "Oh, I get it."  Then I asked her, "How about the word pig, what letter does that start with?"  She gave me the deer in the headlights look.  "I continued.  Pig.  What sound do you hear?"  She replied, "Oink, Oink."

What would I do without this girl?  She brings smiles to my face every day.


  1. lol, oh dear me... Such a will but, lol, I guess your right -- Not quite ready!

    I'm glad your documenting things like this and find the humor in them! They will be such special memories down the road :)

  2. I will tell you a little secret. My mother did this with us and it works. She taught us to read by teaching us to read the Bible first. We are all very good readers. I have used it for my children one of which I found out later was never supposed to ever read. The educational Psychologist wanted to know how I taught her. There is something about God's Word. Like David said "the entrance of Thy Word giveth light". Try it and see what happens-- you will be amazed!


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