Friday, May 1, 2009

My Red (I mean White) Carpet Walk...Royal Family Style

One morning after telling Maiden I was planning to take a bath, I went to the bathroom and found this:

Maiden was standing outside the bathroom with a grin on her face.  I asked why she had spread paper towels on the floor.  She answered, "Those aren't paper towels.  It's a carpet for you to walk on, like princesses do."

Since it was morning, and I was in my pajamas, I decided not to scare you with the photos of me walking on the red white carpet leading to my royal bath.  I'll share the girls instead.   Maiden made sure I wore sunglasses for my royal walk. I'm sure it was to protect my eyes from the camera flashes of the paparazzi.

Duchess is a natural when it comes to walking the red white carpet.  Look at her strike a pose.  The best part of my carpet walk is that it served a dual purpose.  Once the paparazzi was gone and my royal bath was complete, I was able to use the carpet to clean the bathroom.  In royal style, of course. 


  1. Your kids always seem to crack me up!

  2. It's just to royal treatment you deserve from your wonderful handmaidens after wrangling all those boys for some many years!

  3. That's adorable! I love that sassy pose, too.


  4. Michelle;
    You are too cute!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted


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