Sunday, January 11, 2009


It's citrus season!  As a fundraiser, a local private school sells cases of various types of citrus from November through March.  We purchase a case each of grapefruit and oranges every month.  My kids love grapefruit and eat it for breakfast, snacks and dessert.  This is a problem because we only own four grapefruit spoons.  Do the math:  4 grapefruit spoons divided by seven children equals chaos.  Needless to say, those grapefruit spoons are in high demand and constantly being pulled from the dishwasher and hand washed throughout the day.

The other morning as the girls were eating their grapefruit, Duchess, in a very dramatic voice, said to Maiden:  "Last night (long pause--I'm sure to add drama) I had to eat my grapefruit (another long pause to take a bite of grapefruit) with a Cheerios spoon."

Maiden (with disbelief and shock in her voice):  "Really?"


  1. Michelle w/ 2 l's,
    Your life is just one big party, isn't it? Imagine the drama when those two become teenagers?
    Michele w/ 1 l

  2. Ahhh....I just love grapefruit...and those grapefruit spoons too!

  3. Wow, you eat your grapefruit with grapefruit spoons? Don't tell my children. We just have regular spoons.


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