Monday, January 12, 2009

A Night Away

The King and I early this morning.  We accidently packed matching clothes like to match so people know we are a couple.

We are short one vehicle this week.  The King's car is at the body shop due to a little run in with a tree branch.  He had to catch a flight to California and asked me if I would be able to drive him to the airport early this morning...we'd only have to get up at 5:00 a.m.   After throwing a fit much protesting on my part, he decided it would be better to get a hotel room the night before so I wouldn't be inconvenienced.

Much to my surprise he devised a plan to include me.   Time alone (other than our two hour Friday night dates) is a foreign concept to us.  We were trying to remember the last time we had an overnight alone and figured it was a trip to Orlando nearly six years ago.  No wonder we were out of practice.  It didn't take us long to find something to do.  First we went to Target to buy socks and underwear took a leisurely stroll through the mall focusing on jewelry stores because The King wanted to get some ideas for a Valentines Day gift for me.  Then we ate at my favorite restaurant and decided to spend the rest of the evening relaxing in the quiet of our hotel room.

I quickly changed into my most comfortable pair of flannel pajamas sexiest negligee.  After calling home to check in on the children, we ejoyed a snack of Doritos and beer chocolate covered strawberries and fine champagne.  Finally, we called the children to say goodnight, turned on the TV and fell asleep watching a cheesy movie on the Hallmark channel the lights down low, gazed lovingly into each other's eyes and.......

The next morning we barely tolerated the continetal breakfast hardly noticed the cold French toast sticks and dried out pastries the hotel offered us for breakfast while he worked on his computer and I watched the morning news and metro traffic update we interlocked pinkies and whispered sweet nothings into one another's ears.

Snow was headed our way, so The King prompted me to leave a little earlier than previously planned.  I was thankful he had thought ahead and parked my 15 passenger van cute little sports car in the hotel's heated garage so I could hop right in and go.  The weather report on the radio warned of blizzard conditions and temperatures not rising above zero, along with the threat of 35 below windchills throughout the rest of the week.  I was seething with envy that my husband would be spending the week in Southern California while we would be freezing our butts off here in Minnesota so thankful that my sweet King would be spared the average coldest week of winter in Minnesota, while I begrudgingly willingly stayed behind to keep the home fires burning.  Hurry home My King, we could really use your help plowing out the driveway are really missing you!


  1. Too cute! You and the king crack me up in this post!

  2. Funny stories! The real and imaginary one.


  3. Sounds exactly like what hubby and I do when we get the occasional night together. To funny. Glad you got home safely.

    I just read your post about the grapefruits below. You know...there are grapefruit trees all over so. cal. Maybe your hubby will pick you a few and bring them home. They are so good right off the tree.

    Just to make you even more is 80 degreees here today. I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

    Sorry to torture you,

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed your night away....I think!

  5. You are too funny! What a treat to have a night away. It's been too long for us as well!!

  6. I think that that was HILARIOS!!! Thank you for entertainig me on this beautiful day.


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