Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shopping Trip

At the end of June, I was blessed with a few days away with my dear friend.
We went shopping, ate at one of my favorite restaurants, drank some good (and terrible) coffee, spent way too much time at IKEA, had a quiet night in our hotel, stroked some beautiful bolts of fabric, and spent a lot of time chatting.

One of our stops was at JoAnn's Etc. where I got myself a new craft project. (An idea I stole from my friend Lisa.) I thought I'd share.

Yes, it's a J. Our last name begins with a J in case you are wondering.
Scrapbook paper would make a lovely covering for this bland cardboard looking J, wouldn't you agree?
I tore some edges on the paper but the white was a little too bright for me. I used a stamping sponge and some stamping ink and rubbed a little color on the white. I liked the look a lot better.
I modge podged the paper onto my J. This was my first experience with modge podge. I have no idea if I did it correctly or not, but the paper seemed to stick.
Here is the finished product on my red wall. I am quite happy with the final result.


  1. Look what a great job you did!!

  2. Very pretty. I've admired Lisa's for quite some time. I may just have to make one too!

  3. Awesome J - got a W where that came from?

  4. Too long since we have been over-where is the red wall?


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