Sunday, June 29, 2008


The Teen Challenge Choir came to a local church to perform (and fund raise). Teen Challenge (not only for teens) needs to fund raise (in addition to each person's monthly tuition payment) $1000 per month per person in the program. Going to churches provides them with the funds they need to continue running their program. Jouster is in the front row, third from the left. The group performs and individuals share their testimonies. Some of them were heart breaking...years and years of lives wasted on drugs and alcohol. Jouster shared that the greatest thing that had happened to him while in the program was that his relationship with his family had been restored. I cried as I watched him sing and heard him speak. He took my breath away when I first saw him on stage. I have never seen him in a shirt and tie, and in that outfit he looked like a man. I guess he should, he's nearly eighteen. But in my eyes, I still see him as my little boy.
I LOVE this photo of my oldest and my youngest. Are they handsome or what? There is a gentleness to Jouster that I have not seen before. He is more patient and no longer easily angered. I believe that God is working on his heart, and I continue to pray that he will totally surrender himself to his Heavenly Father.

He has completed 6 months of the program and has another 8 to go. He does not want to stay once he gets his diploma. (He thinks he can finish school by the end of August.) Once he turns 18, we can't force him to stay. I fret when I think about it, but then I have to give it to God. There is nothing I can do except continue to pray and praise God for the wonderful changes we have seen thus far.

Thank you, Lord!


  1. Michelle, He looks so good! And I can totally see why you love the picture of oldest and youngest. It's precious. :)

    Saying a special prayer that when the time comes he will make the choice to finish.

  2. Thanks for the update on Jouster. I'm still waiting for an email from you!

    Did you forget about me?



  3. He looks great! Sounds like he is making huge progress. I am praying that he continues to do well and makes the best choices for himself!

  4. What a wonderful picture. Sounds like he is doing great.

  5. Great photo of your oldest and youngest..congratulations to your entire family for the progress made...stay strong...Kendra

  6. Great picture = sounds like he is doing well, and accepting the program. Hooray.

  7. Praising God with you and yes, they are both exceptionally handsome.

    May God hold all of you tightly and may all of your hearts remain solely His.

    love you Michelle;
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  8. Well, he's 18 now, and he's still there. Praise the Lord! Your will be done in his life, dear Lord God.


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