Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family Day

Valleyfair day. Here we are at 10:00 a.m. Ready for a fun filled family day. Duchess and Maiden on the Mild Thing.
Prince Charming was too short to ride The Convoy. The person working told me as long as I rode with him they would allow him to ride. I don't know how I could have stopped him from jumping out from where I was sitting. It didn't matter anyway. We had such a hard time prying him from the truck, the worker let us go around for another ride. I was fortunate enough to ride three times!
We spent a few hours in the water park. Prince Charming went round and round in this tube in the little kids pool.
Duchess looking to see if she was tall enough to ride the Mad Mouse. She was, as long as someone responsible rode with her. That someone, that someone, that someone you see, that someone, that someone, that someone was me. Note to self: Call the chiropractor and make an appointment. You should know better. Remember, you are 40.
My favorite ride of all time is Thunder Canyon. Who wouldn't like a water ride on a hot summer day? Here we are after I got drenched on the ride. I always pick the wrong seat. The wrong seat is the one that goes under every water fall and goes head on with every wave.
And here we are at 10:00p.m. Yes, you read that right. TWELVE hours later. Don't the younger two look like they should have stayed a few more hours ? Just in case you can't see their happy faces, I zoomed in for you to see a little better.
Note to self: To avoid meltdown with the children, maybe try leaving a few hours earlier next time.


  1. Can you believe we have never taken our kids to Valley Fair??!! The best rides they have experienced are at the SD State Fair...pathetic, yes I know!

  2. Your a brave mom! My kids and sister convinced me to lay flat on the water slide at the pool. HA! I'm lucky to still be living. I didn't know I could move so fast.

    Sorry I bailed on Friday. Things came up with Scott and Samantha coming home and I couldn't make it to the pool. Still love me?

  3. You all look like you got a bit of a "tan" that day! Despite the meltdown, happy memories of a great family day will prevail!

  4. Are you a Minnesota mom?! Wow! So am I!
    My husband and I did Valley Fair this year with our children's youth group, so not all of our kids were able to go. But it was fun.

    Wouldn't it be funny if we lived near each other and both have 7 kids? LOL

    OK, I'm looking like a stalker now. I'm not. I promise, hehe.


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