Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Last Ski Day of the Year

Remember last month when The King took the boys to the Homeschool ski day?
$20.00 for a day of skiing, equipment rental and a lift pass?
He couldn't resist taking advantage of the great deal one last time.
This time he took some family and friends.

The King waiting in line with our boys and children of King's Twin.

King's Twin and three of his four children.

The King with two of our seven. He had to be the best dressed skier on the slope in his Carhartt's.
Our friend, Mr. Erosion Control with one of his four.

The three men who made it all happen for the happy children.

They went skiing too. The result?

Sore muscles for King's Twin. Chiropractor visit for Mr. Erosion Control.

And The King? No problems noted. Not even a sore muscle. I believe it is due to the fact he has so much physical activity with his job. (Rolling around the office in his chair, getting searched while going through airport security, and entering and exiting his car at each and every Starbucks along the way.)


  1. Hi Michelle;

    Though I am not a skier (nor do I play one on t.v.) ;-) It looks like a nice family day...and $20 wow, that is cheap.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

    ***praying for you my sweet friend!

  2. What awesome dads they are! Making a day of memories for all those kids....priceless!

    PS...I have never been skiing, can you believe it??!!

  3. We took advantage of two homeschool days at our local ski hill. Mike came the first day but the boys were on their own the second day. It's a very strange thing to send your children out to dangle twenty feet in the air with no seat belt and then allow them to blast down a 300+ ft incline on sticks. Plus the fact that it's really cold and windy! I rarely saw them the whole and when I did, I was so glad to see them alive!

  4. did he really have no sore muscles? or are you joking about that....(The physical activity and stuff)

  5. Ooo... What a fun day...for someone who likes to ski. *wink*

    I have an award waiting for you at my blog -- please come pick it up when you have a chance. *smile*

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

  6. Anonymous,
    He really didn't have sore muscles. Don't ask me why. That's why I thought it had to be due to all his 'physical activity' with his job.


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