Monday, March 10, 2008

A Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend. Jester performed in his school musical, Honk!, the story of The Ugly Duckling. He had dress rehearsal Monday through Wednesday, and then performances Thursday through Sunday. He also had to attend two cast parties. Apparently the cast parties are one of the biggest reasons for being in a play. We were only able to see him perform once this year, on Friday night. He is in the brown bomber jacket in the center.
He was a goose in the geese squadron. Doesn't he make a good goose? It was a cute musical, and Maiden couldn't stop talking about it.
He was also cast as a frog in the froggie chorus (on the far left). Don't you think he makes a handsome frog? Needless to say, he came home today after school and crashed. He said he was totally exhausted.

The girls were also busy this weekend. Thursday night they had dress rehearsal for their skate show--a three hour production.

Then they had three performances, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Add daylight savings time, primping, compliments, photos, flowers, oohs and ahs from spectators, and the result was two very spoiled and tired little girls by Sunday evening.

Here are the girls with one of their skating instructors. She is a senior in High School this year and will not be returning to teach next year. According to Duchess and Maiden, she is the coolest teacher ever, and also the best skater in the whole world! They searched high and low to find her for this prize photo.

Saturday is also our day to visit Jouster. The King and all four boys went to see him since the girls and I were at skating. He seems to be doing very well. His restriction time (for running away) is nearly over and we will be able to receive phone calls from him again this week. I still miss him terribly. He is so enjoyable and fun to be around now that I am very disappointed when I am not able to see him on visitation day.

Fortunately I got a bonus visit with him earlier this week. On Wednesday he had an orthodontist appointment here in town. I was able to spend a few minutes talking with him before and after the appointment. The staff person that brought him was very kind and did not rush him out the door afterward. Jouster said it was good to be back in town and see some familiar sights again. I was so thankful I was able to see him, especially since I knew I had to miss on Saturday. He had just gotten a haircut so his hair was even shorter than in the photo above. I can't believe my boy keeps shaving his head! Click here to see how he wore it for so long. Big difference huh?


  1. That is a busy week! Seems like things went well!

    And Jouster hair is very different! Do you like it better longer?

  2. Hi Michelle;
    Wow, you are a busy girl! Looks like fun too!

    Glad you had time with Jouster-I will keep praying that the pain he is carrying, God will transform to vision and joy in His life. We want him to come out looking like Jesus, smelling like Jesus with the Mind of Christ to lead him in every decision for his future.(He has it now, he just needs to set it into motion.)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  3. Weavermom,
    I like him to have a little more hair than he has, but a lot less than he had. I guess if I had to choose, I'd go with the shorter. At least I can see his eyes. Poor kid. Can mom's ever be happy with their boys' hair?

  4. School plays are so much fun for the kids! This is Jeremy's 4th year in the play and Courtney is doing make-up for the second year. They are doing a musical this year....Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Jeremy says it's really hard to do. They have been putting in some hard, long hours practicing, after Track and on the weekends. Jester looks great in the play, what an awesome experience to be a frog and a goose!

    Your girls look gorgeous in their skating outfits (of course I think they look gorgeous all of the time). What a busy day for them and how awesome that they have a wonderful skating teacher as a role model for them.

    Jouster looks great! I like his hair too. What a treat for you to get to see him even tho you had to miss visit day. He has been in contact with my kids on facebook and sounds like he is doing ok.


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