Sunday, September 16, 2007

Then The Water Came.....

All we needed to do before the waterproofers came was to grade the floor for cement. But water started to come into the basement. Irony. The waterproofers couldn't come in until we graded the floor, but we couldn't grade the floor when there was standing water.
Then one day while The King was hauling five gallon buckets of water out of the basement, he noticed the water was bubbly, and smelled a lot like laundry detergent. (I had been doing laundry all day.) After a consulting a septic guy, we were told our septic system was failing and backing up into the basement. It wasn't just water in the basement, it was sewage water.

Our waterproofers were put on hold. An emergency septic crew came in and installed a new septic system. All seemed well for a few days, until The King suspected a problem. Two of the three new septic tanks that had just been installed were cracked and ground water was seeping into them. One week after the first new septic system was put in, it had to be dug up, and replaced with an even newer one.

Oh, the basement insanity. Stay tuned. There's more.

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