Sunday, September 16, 2007

It All Started When....

We decided we needed a second bathroom. Our castle has but one. Uno, Ein, Een, Un. One bathroom for nine people, it just isn't right. With so many royal members of the family wanting to sit on the throne, we decided we needed to add another one.When we decided to add a bathroom, the only place we could really go was down. Down to the hole, the pit, the dungeon. In the spring this basement held so much water that if we ever wanted to sell this place we could advertise an indoor pool.

We called in the waterproofing experts. They told us they needed to remove a lot of the concrete floor to put in tiles and then they'd patch over their holes. It was smarter for us to remove the entire floor so we could plumb in the bathroom when they waterproofed. The King jackhammered until he was numb. We hauled the floor out of the basement one five gallon bucket at a time. That was the first big project.

"Hey honey, maybe we should remove this 18 foot long by 8 foot tall by 12 inch wide concrete wall while we're at it. It will really open up the room." More jackhammering. The wall was hauled out of the basement one five gallon bucket at a time. That was the second big project.

This was only the beginning. Stay tuned for more Basement Insanity....

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