Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hey, Let's Cut Those Out....

We have hot water heat, which means we have big radiators in all our rooms. The pipes that carry the water from the boiler in the basement up to the radiators in the living area are really big and hang down really low. Head bumpers which posed a problem. If we were to add another throne to our castle, some taller people may have to duck their heads to get to it. Furnace Guy came over and told us what to do.
"Ah, just cut 'em all outta there. Replace it all with PEX. You can even use all my tools." The King spent three weekends fitting old pipes to new PEX tubing. He was not in the mood for a wife to say, "Hey honey, since you cut all the pipes to the heaters, do you think we could move them out from the walls to sand and varnish under them?"

More Insanity. Stay tuned. It gets better.

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  1. Just don't look under the will never know that they need a coat of varnish!


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