Sunday, September 16, 2007

Moving Radiators.....

(Start by reading, It all started when...)

The pipes from the furnace to the heaters were cut. There was no reason the heaters couldn't be moved, right?

When we sanded and finished the floors in 2000, there was no way we could sand under the heaters. There had been carpeting that had been glued to the floors, so it was a rough under them and very hard to get clean and keep clean. A thorn in my side.

The King graciously pulled out two 500+ pound heaters and started to sand the floor. The palm sander was taking forever.

Time to bring in the big tools:
The King rented a sander and made short work of the job at hand. While he returned the rental equipment, I quickly applied water based polyurethane to the floor--under both heaters. Upon returning home, The King saw my error and gently explained to me that I should have used oil based instead. The color will never match up without an oil based finish. UGH!

I let it dry, then used the palm sander to sand under BOTH heaters. I didn't dare ask him to go back to town and re-rent the big tool. I then applied the appropriate polyurethane. I didn't stop there, I even painted the baseboards behind the heaters that no one will ever see.

So come on over, look under my heaters, I don't care. They are clean! Clean I tell you! (Come quick, clean doesn't last long here.) The thorn in my side is gone!!!

Can you see how one thing leads to another?

Stay tuned. We're still not done.


  1. You have been doing some work! My goodness! It looks like it will be so nice when you are done though. And, yay!, no more sewage in the basement! :)

    Happy Birthday, Prince Charming!

  2. Yes, we know here that one thing leads to another also. You know the book "If you give a mouse a cookie?" I was going to write a book, "If you give a husband a chore...." lol.

  3. You really do have a king for a husband!

    I would not have liked those unfinished floors under the heaters, either. :-(

    We will be rejoicing with you when you get the second bathroom!


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