Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thursday's Rain

I posted Thursday about the rain that left as quickly as it came. It returned later! I am so glad I captured this on film. Squire and Duchess (who is smart enought to change into her swimsuit) playing in the rain. We only got 1/4" from the shower, but during that time I was reminded of
A few more reasons to be thankful for a drought:
~No rushing around to close windows to keep the rain out.
~No trying to find where the children have stashed the umbrellas.
~No water in the basement.
~No worries about your freshly curled hair going flat while running to your best friend's van when she is picking you up for a shopping trip to the cities.
~Not having to go shopping and out to dinner with flat, ugly hair while with your best friend in the cities.


  1. Ack, I'm sure you were beautiful with flat hair too. *smile*

  2. Oh, sweet photo! It's obvious why Duchess makes your heart sing.


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