Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is That Rain?

We got a little rain today. I snapped these photos to prove it. It was not a lot, and it was gone as quickly as it came. As you can see on the sidewalk, it is totally dry where the tree hangs over.

The trampoline looks a little more wet. I don't think we got enough to cut through the dust on our gravel road.

Before it started to rain, I sent Jouster to town to make copies of the Citizenship paperwork for Duchess so we can get it in the mail. It just happened to rain on him while he was on his way to the car--after making the copies. The paperwork looks a mess and I refuse to redo it.

Reason's to be thankful for no rain:
~No mosquitoes.
~No mowing.
~No rain dates.
~No Citizenship paperwork getting ruined minutes before mailing it off to the Department of Homeland Security.


  1. Hi this is fascinating! I will give your blog a shout on mine this evening as I often feature a "best blog" of the day.

    I'm at - you're welcome to drop by anytime!

    All the best



  2. right you're there now. congratulations!


  3. We need rain deperately! The crops still look ok but are declining every day that we don't get any rain.

  4. Wow... your getting popular. *wink* See... you'll get some traffic.


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