Saturday, July 28, 2007

Something Stinks

See this? I did. In person. In our garage.

Our basement is torn apart—that’s another story. Because of the basement being torn apart, we have all of our canning jars stored in the garage in covered apple boxes.

We were not smart enough to mark them when packing them, so I had to open numerous boxes to find the jars I needed for beans. It took me a while to go through them.

During this time, I was a little irritated because I thought our neighbor had something rotten burning in his garbage pit. The smell kept getting stronger with every box I opened. Even Duchess commented on the stink. Something told me to peek over my shoulder and look in garbage can where we store our cat food. (Thank you, Lord!)

Unfortunately it is was not our neighbor burning his garbage. It was a SKUNK! That cat food bin was right behind me. I was close enough that my legs were rubbing against it. I could have been sprayed, attacked, bitten, or even drug off into the woods by a rabid skunk, never to be seen again. My poor children, what would they do without a mother? The King—where would he be without a Queen? (The King thinks I get a little too dramatic from time to time.)

To be honest, the skunk was not about to attack. (I’d like to know how you’d react if you saw a skunk just inches away.) The little critter was sleeping peacefully, most like dreaming he was in skunk heaven. I suppose when he heard me moving boxes and clinking jars, he decided to give off little sprays of his perfume to warn me I was encroaching on his territory. I can't believe it took me so long to figure out it was not garbage.

I gladly left his domain, and informed The King of our Royal Visitor. The King and Jester were able to remove him from the premises. The odor lingered most of the day. I think I might be done canning for the year.

Note to self: We need a new way to store the cat food. That covered garbage can thing does not work.


  1. I hear that skunks really like cat do opossums and racoons. Al and Sharon had several (and several babies) eating out of the cat food and we have seen racoons eating out of the dog food dish in the shed and the barn.

    I did get really close to a skunk once...I was standing by some bales (hiding while waiting for Chad to bring some cows into the lot) and smelled something so I leaned over and looked between the bales and here came a skunk. The sad thing was I had to debate whether to run and scare the cattle or to stay put.....I RAN!

  2. I knew your written account would be as funny as when you told me the story! You're really good at this blogging, Queenie.

    You take great photos, too!

    Wow, I have some catching up to do! Now if I could only remember my password! Rats!

  3. Oh Michelle. This was too funny. Unfortunately we have that lovely skunk smell because our cat got sprayed almost 2 weeks ago. We have kept him outside most of the time and let him in for quick eating before shooing him back out. I keep hoping the smell will just go away but it isn't and giving a cat a bath (a mean cat to boot) isn't something I care to do.


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