Sunday, July 29, 2007

Friday Night Fun

Jester had a party Friday night. It started at 7:00 p.m. Only one person showed up then. I was beginning to feel sorry for my little boy.

Two and a half hours later, six more came. A grand total of seven guests. (Ten less than Jester's friend Marshall had at his party in June--but who's counting?)

That's when the party started! They sat around the bon fire and enjoyed the the hors devours that Jester had worked on all day.(Cheetos, Doritos, Licorice, Mountain Dew, and Coke.)

I'm sorry I can't post their names for you. The gentleman on the far left (striking a pose) told me he is in a witness protection program and shouldn't be on the Internet. (Please don't let anyone know I have him on my blog.) Jester is on the far right, in case you are wondering. Jouster had to work and the party was over by the time he got home.

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  1. I love bonfires, only we don't drink Mountain Dew and Coke at ours!

    I love that our kids know how to have some good-old wholesome fun.


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