Monday, October 5, 2009

XC Girls

My middle boys have been running Cross Country (XC) this fall. Even though we homeschool, they are able to participate in school sports. It has been a great activity for both of them.

On Saturday they had a meet in Willmar. There was a special category at the end of the day for elementary aged kids. I thought it would be fun for the girls to run.

The morning of the race, the girls were very concerned about what they should wear. They wanted to look good, but still be comfortable. They didn't want to be too cold, yet they knew they'd get hot while running. They finally decided on these matching outfits--because all the teams wear matching clothes. Oh, and we had to fix their hair 'just so'.

Here they are before the race. I hope you can see Maiden's lips in this photo. When she heard the announcement that it was time for the Mighty Mites Race, she pulled her lipstick out of her purse and quickly applied it. Priorities, you know. A girl must always be prepared!

All the elementary aged kids ran together. The Willmar XC team ran along side the children in the 800 meter race. Here they are at the starting line.

Maiden toward the end of the race.

Duchess heading toward the finish line.

Everyone who finished the race received a participation ribbon. Duchess was a little disappointed that they were both given the same ribbon, since she finished far ahead of her sister. It really wasn't fair. She would have like to have been given a special award for her outstanding running skills.

On the way home Maiden complained of her legs hurting, but quickly forgot the pain when she realized her lipstick had worn off. Duchess was disappointed she got mud on her new running shoes and was trying to figure out how to get the stains out of them. I just sat back enjoying their conversation. After four boys, it is such a delight to be able to experience little girls. They are definitely different than boys!


  1. Having just Mothered little girls, I do find my Grandboys a bit of a challenge,they play, and fight and do all kinds of things differently.
    You have quite a diva coming on with the lipstick and all! :)

  2. So cute - I love that they wanted to match and be a team! :)

  3. Tee hee! I love these girls!

  4. Ya gotta love those girls! But wait until they are in their teenage years, I will see how much you are enjoying them then!

  5. I love racing and good to all the Pictures are related to racing. Cross Country (XC) are pretty beautiful.


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