Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pet Peeves

Disclaimer: Sorry for the lame topic, but it's a new blog post! Hopefully once I get back into the swing of blogging I can get back on track with some really good stuff. Until apologies.

Just call me the Queen of Pet Peeves. I was laying in bed the other morning and was thinking, "Boy I really have a lot of pet peeves. I wonder if my blog readers would like to know what my top five are?" So, if you want to know, read on. If not, check back at a later date for something a bit more (or less) interesting.

1. Sticky spots on my floors. My main floor is mostly wood and my pet peeve is to step in something sticky. I grumble a lot when I see the spots, but grumble even more when they go unnoticed until my socks get stuck in them. If you've ever stepped in honey with your socks, you can understand.

2. Toilet seats that are left up. Isn't this a pet peeve of every woman? Yes, the good ol' up or down debate. Because I am a woman, I prefer it left down. Sadly, I have experienced (on more than one occasion) the uncomfortable nature of not looking before sitting in the middle of the night. Without going into too much detail, I'll share my dialogue. First I say, "Ouch." Secondly, "Burr, that water is cold." And finally, "GRRRR!!!" (Okay, truthfully, I probably say something worse than "GRRRR"--only because it can be a very rude awakening.)

3. People who stop my DVR recordings. I know. A very minor detail. But picture this: My husband is travelling (for days at a time) and the house is noisy, really noisy, for about 15.5 hours. I cook, clean, homeschool, break up fights, drive kids, fix ouchies, give kisses, etc. etc, and so on, all by my lonesome. I look forward to to getting the kids to bed, and enjoying a quiet house. I get extremely excited just thinking about watching the newest episode of my favorite TV show and am utterly disappointed when I see my 1 hour show was stopped at 38 minutes.

4. When someone puts a milk carton in the fridge with about a tablespoon of milk left in it. Please, just use it up, dispose of the carton properly, and replace it with a new jug from the basement refrigerator. That's not too much to ask, is it?

5. When there are dirty dishes on the counter above an empty dishwasher. Why not check? What are you afraid of? Finding a dishwasher full of clean dishes and then feeling guilty because you don't really want to put them away?

6. Oops, I was going to stop at five. But now that I've held your attention this long, I'll share one more. Finding dirty socks in the cushions of the sofa. It doesn't stop with just finding them. The more irritating part comes later when I have to listen to the Royal Offspring complain because they have no clean socks in their drawers.

There you have it. Not just five, but six of my top pet peeves. Do any of them surprise you? Do we share any pet peeves? I'd love to hear yours!


  1. Socks! I have a whole bag full of "orphan socks" missing their mate. My roommate's laundry often gets mixed up with mine, and periodically I demand to see her sock drawer...wherein I find *all* my missing half-pairs!

  2. Your too funny. I am sure I have a long list of pet peeves too. Hmm, perhaps I will blog on mine someday...yours was cute.

    You had me laughing with your dip into the John. I'd imagine that is rather a rude awakening.

    Thanks for your kind are a good friend Michelle.

    Can't wait to see what you will post next...keep it coming friend!

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  3. I totally agree with the DVR and the socks....and the dishwasher....and pretty much everything else. I guess most of our lives are similar, arent they??? Especially if you have a house full of chilren!

  4. The toilet seat! I have two grandsons..they are still in training..I make them go into the bathroom and put down the seat..I am a Mean Grandma! It is such a shock in the middle of the night..when I am sleepy..and have to go so bad:)

  5. I have the same problem with the dishwasher and it annoys me to NO END!

    Oops...I am guilty of stopping the DVR...I mean really, must they record every episode of House?

    We keep our extra milk out in the garage so I do have that same pet peeve too. I don't even drink milk that often but always seems like I am the one running to the garage to get a new gallon (yeah, I know, it's so far to the garage...haha).

  6. These are all the thin those of us with larger families live with constantly :)! Slowly we could go right over the edge ;). My gosh, I sooo get this post!

  7. You are really the Queen of pet peeves. I totally agree with all the 6 points that you have told in the article.

  8. I know this is a bit late, but I think of my pet peeves when I'm far from the computer. My all time biggest pet peeve is when some one gets the inside of my dishwashing gloves wet. They are so hard to dry out! Of course, it just dawned on me to turn them inside out to dry. Duh. What a space cadet!


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