Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Back!

Hello my blogging friends. Oh, how I have missed you. I didn't intentionally want to take such a long break from the blogosphere, but somehow it 'just' happened.

This morning I checked in on all my friends. Wow! I have missed a lot. My friend Katie just adopted a new baby and recently found out she's expecting. Far Side of Fifty is in the hospital. Allison and Meredith are taking a break. Julie is not on her way to Ethiopia yet. Kimmie's little one is as beautiful as ever...and I feel so bad that I didn't make any skirts for her daughter to take on her mission trip. Chris, Sheri, and Jodi I can keep up on through facebook, but it's still fun to go to their blogs. Weaver Mom--are you still out there :-)? Did I miss anyone?

I'm still trying to learn the SEO business. I got a little overwhelmed with the idea of work, homeschooling, family, etc. and nearly threw in the towel. But I am over that and diving in head first this week. I am ready to optimize my first website. Tomorrow is the big day of making my initial changes to the site I've been working on. I am a little nervous and apprehensive. What if I am not good enough? I have a perfectionist attitude and would rather do nothing at all (in all areas of my life) than to try and fail. Anyone else like that? I suppose I need counseling, but paying someone $125/hour really messes with the 'perfect' balance I like to see in our bank account. I know. I have a problem. Enough of my emotional issues. Let's talk about fun stuff.

I want to show you what I made for my niece before we went to Colorado. I had made some HUGE bibs for Prince Charming out of hand towels and decided my sister needed some for her little one.

Here is Prince Charming modeling one of his. These bibs are great. They lay over the lap and keep the pants clean.

Since I had to make them for a little girl, I decided to embellish them and make them a little more feminine.

The "M" stands for me. Just kidding. Her name starts with an M too. I used the blanket stitch on my machine to applique the fabric onto the towels.

I love this lavender color with the green. But my all time favorite is this one:

My friend Rapunzel has an embroidery machine and we got together to make this personalized one. Scribe's (age 11) comment when he saw it was, "Don't you think that could be vanity, mom?" I suppose it is a little vane, but she's my niece, and my goddaughter, and I like to think she looks like me.

What do you think? I'm pretty sure she loves her vanity bib as much as I do!


  1. Those towel bibs were great. I may need to make some larger versions for my girls on spaghetti night, lol.

    Glad your back!

  2. You are one busy woman....don't know how you do it all!

    I love the bibs. We used to have a few of the smaller ones like that but I like the idea of the bigger ones....more area clean!!!!!

  3. I broke out of the Hospital! I am home, I am much better!! I was worried about you just last week, but I know you are a busy one! I just needed a kid fix, girls and boys making noise! Those bibs are fabulous and I love the Auntie one..she is a beautiful baby, she looks just like you!
    Confidence, and perfection. Two issues I struggle with also. Sometime just putting yourself out there, is a bit like riding a bike without training wheels..a little shakey at first.. but you get the hang of it. I was really a basket case the first year we opened our business, I almost thought and rethought myself into failure, then I got customers and they liked me and my plants. Perfection is harder, I think that is why they liked me and my plants. But what I perceived as large imperfections in plants, they just saw beautiful flowers. So save the shrink visit and the $, close your eyes and jump in with both feet.. you are gonna be great! I will say some extra special prayers too! Let us know how it goes:)

  4. So glad you are back. It is hard sometimes to make time to blog.

    Love, love, love the bibs. You are so creative!



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