Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Friend of the Year Award

This is a picture of my friend, Rapunzel and I.  She's on the left.  That's her dog Bear in the front.  Her husband snapped this photo of us last fall on her 40th birthday.  (Now you understand why Bear is in the photo, don't you?)

I would like to nominate Rapunzel for 'The Friend of the Year Award'.  We became friends about 13 years ago.  We attended the same church and for a few years had nothing to do with each other.  I thought I'd have nothing in common with her.  She was a career woman.  I was certain she was way too busy for the likes of a stay at home mom such as me. I just steered clear of her.  In the meantime,  she had her own ideas about me as well.  She thought I was a goody two shoes...because I dressed so cute and had my boys' hair fixed just so.  She also thought we were 'the perfect' family.  Therefore, she stayed clear of me too.  (Women are such strange creatures.)

Then a mutual friend brought us together.  The rest is history.  I no longer think she's too much of a career woman to make time for me, and now she most definitely knows I am far from perfect.  We have so little, yet so much in common.  Is that possible?  I think of her as a sister.  In reality she is, she's my sister in Christ.

This year for my birthday she made me this gorgeous quilt.  Isn't it beautiful?  You have to hear the story behind the fabric.  She went on a quilt shop hop last summer without me because I wasn't able to get away.  She said she missed me and couldn't quit thinking of me the entire time she was browsing through quilt shops.  When she saw this hydrangea print fabric (on the borders and in the center of blocks), she had to buy it for me.  Then she made this quilt just for me.  I have never been so surprised in all my life.  She brought tears to my eyes.

But she didn't stop there.  Not only did she make me a quilt, but she made me this really cool prayer journal: 

And last but not least, she couldn't just buy a card with a cheezy, mushy friend saying.  She had to make me a personalized one.

Aren't I lucky?  She is such a dear friend.  Thank you, Rapunzel for putting up with me for all these years!  I am so glad you are a part of my life. 

Thank you Lord, for the day you blinded our first impressions of each other and made a way for us to come together.  You always know what I need, and you do nothing less than perfect.  You gave me the perfect friend...she is truly a gift from heaven.  Thank you for blessing me, Lord.  You are so good!


  1. Awww...what a sweet friend! Women are strange creatures but not too strange for God to bring you together!

  2. What a sweet story! What a beautiful quilt, I love the colors and that hydrangea print! Wonderful how things work out! :)

  3. It is I who have been blessed by our friendship! You are always there to keep me grounded and get things back into perspective. You're the best friend a "career mom" could ask for (actually anyone). Thanks for your friendship!


    P.S. I still think you're cute, that your kids hair looks good and that you're a perfect family - I'm just not avoiding you anymore because of it!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this story. Friendships are such a blessing!


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