Friday, April 10, 2009

Work Out!

Sharing a photo from Duchess' homecoming.  I love this one of her and her Daddy.   There is a special bond between these two, she is his little sidekick.  She loves to be with him one on one.  If he goes to town to run errands, she is buckled in the vehicle before he has a chance to find his wallet.  If he's working outside on projects, she's by his side handing him tools.  If he's out for a walk checking out our property, she's walking right along side of him.  She loves her daddy.

She's also brutally honest.  Last night The King was relaxing after our evening meal when Duchess came up to him and rubbed his belly with her hands.  She lovingly said, "Dad, I think you should work out after every lunch." 


  1. She definetly is brutally honest!

  2. LOL

    Would you still like to get together this next week? Let me know what day would work for you and we can check schedules. Thanks for the chat on the phone earlier in the week.

    Love ya!

  3. Happy Easter to you Michelle and your beautiful family!
    Little girls love their Dads! :)


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