Friday, April 3, 2009

Mom's Sick Day by Guest Blogger Duchess

Last week Mama had a horrible cold.  All she did for one whole day was lay on the sofa and sleep.  Maiden and I took really good care of her.  We brought her water when she asked, and more tissues when she needed to blow her nose (which was a lot).  When she was sleeping very soundly, we took a lot of pictures of her.  

That piece of striped fabric on her forehead is a sample of what she'd like to use for living room curtains.  Maiden wet it down and used it as a cold compress for Mama's feverish forehead. 

Here she is from another angle.  Every time she turned her head or rolled over we would take another shot.  Mom said I couldn't put them all on the blog because it would be too boring. The other poses she wouldn't let me post are the zoomed in shots of the redness around her nose and the up the nose shots.  I think she's a little prideful for not wanting those posted on the internet.  Mama thinks our viewing audience will appreciate her pride just this once.

Mom was having a hard time breathing through her nose so her mouth was hanging open.  We didn't like how the pictures turned out with her open mouth, so we put the fabric over it.  Then Maiden decided to brush Mama's hair.  I didn't think it was a good idea, but Maiden never listens to me.  She dug the brush into Mom's scalp which made her wake up.  Maiden always ruins our fun.  That's when Mama saw we were using her camera, and made us put it away.  That was the end of our fun for the day and why I don't have more pictures to show you.  I hope you liked my post.

Have a good day!


  1. You are such a good sport! I bet the girls were pleased that you shared their handy work.

    Oh-oh. I hear water spilling in the kitchen. I better go check that out.

  2. Amanda was dumping water from her sippy cup into another cup so she could blow bubbles in it with a straw.

  3. Great tried so hard to take good care of your Mom..way to go girls:)

  4. Cute. (I like the curtain swatch, too.)


  5. Sorry Mama was sick!! But, good job taking care of her. (And I'm with Mama - no red nose pics on the blog! he he )


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