Saturday, April 4, 2009

End of a Season

Another season of my life has come to an end.  After 2 ½ years of nursing, Prince Charming is finally done.  Many people told me he was too old to still be nursing, especially when he would stop to have a little conversation with me, or finish on one side to say, "Other one."  He vocalized when he wanted to nurse by asking, "Ninny mama?"  

I didn't care what others thought.  I could have nursed him forever.  It is something I have really enjoyed doing with all my children.  I loved the time that I was able to 'just sit' with my little ones and give them my undivided attention.   

Now that my baby days are over, it's hard to think that I will never experience this again.   Even though I am sad, I am thankful that I was able to do this with all my children, both birth and adopted.  I am even more thankful that God has made it possible for me to be home with my children to do so.  I feel so very blessed!


  1. You sound a little sad..but you did great! thirty months..lots of women did that years ago, not to many would commit to nursing for that long anymore. I personally have known women that have nursed their children to age five..years ago it was used as a semi birth control measure. Not real reliable for some women.
    I admire anyone that can nurse their babes and stay at home to care for them it should be.. I was a stay at home Mom too..those times are so precious:)

  2. I used to babysit a toddler who was still breastfeeding at 3. He knew 2 words (language delay): "no" and "boobie." At the time, I thought it all rather strange. Now I'm *incredibly* impressed by his mom's patience and commitment!


  3. You share my heart. How did it end?

  4. Katie,
    I think I just quit producing. He would go so long between nursings. The last few days, he got really frustrated and would nurse for about 20 seconds and get up to leave. I just decided it was time to stop. He asked a few times the first week and I just said, "Remember, we don't ninny anymore." He said, "Okay mama." Pretty painless for him...very emotional for me!


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