Monday, March 16, 2009

Ready for Spring

Spring is not officially here, but the warmer temperature is making us feel like it is.  Yesterday after church we pulled out the mud boots and took a walk.  I wish I had a way to play for you the concert of song birds who entertained us on our trek...and a way for you to smell the freshness of spring in the air.

See the bottom of Duchess' boots?  It's just a little glimpse of the color that will overtake the lawn and trees.  I am so ready to see God's beautiful colors of spring.

I bought new mud boots this year.  Girl ones.  Why, you ask?  This is just a theory, but I am thinking these may save wear and tear on my socks.  I have two tween age boys whose feet are the same size as mine.   In the past we have had the same style of boots and they don't always care if they are wearing their own boots or mine.  They wear them barefoot...with dirty feet...which makes my white socks really dirty the next time I put them on.  I am pretty sure neither one of the boys will want to been seen in Mama's polka dot boots.  I'm hoping this experiment works.

Me with Squire, Scribe and Duchess out by the garlic patch and some apple trees.  We are excited to see these things begin to bloom and grow.  We had a good friend who planted the garlic last fall and will share his bounty with us in exchange for the use of our land.  What a great deal.

Here is a better view of the size of the garlic patch.  Those two good lookin' guys are The King and Scribe.  I can almost smell the garlic now...fresh pesto...garlic bread...Alfredo sauce...Yum!  I can hardly wait.


  1. OK... you HAVE to tell me about this garlic planting thing. How do you do it?? Do you just plant cloves like onions or something?

    And I'm still curious about the wheat thing...

    Love the pictures - you look great!
    "Dutchess" has grown so much!

  2. Ahhhh...Spring IS in the air and it smells wonderful! Love the mud boots Queen....( I have the same ones (: hope you got em for 6 bucks like I did!) Lisa E.

  3. I tried that trick with my gloves last year. I drew hearts and flowers and wrote "Mom" across the wrist. Tony still grabbed them when he was out of gloves.

    This year, things have taken a new twist. Tony didn't bother to wear his nice new winter boots and always just slipped on his tennis shoes. They won't fit him next year. Score for mama!

  4. I want a pair of boots like that....where did you get them? They look very nice on really should be a shoe!

    Yesterday was soooo nice out...I just love the smell of spring too, even here on the farm along with some other smells. We are even having some roads flood with all the warmth we have had...melting the snow just a little too fast.

  5. We have had a taste of spring here..the snow is melting.. Love your boots! :)


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