Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Fence

The King has been working on a new project around our little farm.  He is putting up a new perimeter fence.  Our power company was replacing poles last fall, and The King talked with the power crew, expressing interest in the poles.  The power crew gladly dropped them off in our driveway rather than hauling them somewhere more remote.

I was none to happy to have a driveway full of poles.  I was very skeptical about his idea.  In fact, I complained a time or two about the irritating pile of logs blocking my path when trying to back out of my parking space.  He had visions of more animals grazing on our property.  I had visions of a great bonfire.

And now I must eat my complaining words, because he was right again...he followed through with his plan and now has fine corner anchors for his new fence.   Oh, I should clarify that last statement.  He now has fine corner anchors that were absolutely free.



  1. I love the Look of the new fence! Way cool!

    Sarah P

  2. That's awesome!

    I have trouble with Chad finishing projects too!


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