Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Keep it Coming

My last post was a tutorial on how to get your kids to say you are the best mom ever...

I have another way.  I just learned this the other night.

Squire and Scribe sent me to town with $10.00.  "Can you go buy us some Wii points?  If you can't find them, make sure you ask someone where they are.  1000 Wii points cost $10.00, okay?"  Not knowing my way around an electronics department, I had to ask.  The helpful employee took me right to the cards and said they were now on clearance:  2000 Wii points were $15.00.

I called home to see if the boys wanted to spend an extra $5.00.  They were more than happy to, but were disappointed they hadn't sent me with enough  money.  They asked if I would pay the difference for them and they would repay me when I got home.  I told them that wasn't a problem, as long as they remembered to pay me back.

Scribe responded, "Oh, Thank you mom.  You are the best mom ever.   When you get home, I'm going to give you a big hug and big kiss."  I rushed home to cash in on my big hug and big kiss before he forgot...or changed his mind.

Twice in one week I've been told I'm the best mom, ever.  I think that makes me definite mother of the year material, don't you?


  1. Mother of the Year,,,,yeah, you qualify that is for sure!! You amaze me with your energy and you just keep going and going. I just bet Squire & Scribe were excited to hit a clearance sale for their Wii points,,,way to go! So, just know that you have my vote for Mother of the Year, cuz you are one great mom!!! Now go treat yourself to a cup of tea & put your feet up for a spell. :-)

  2. Thats great Michelle! I love reading your stories.

    And I just can't get over how many hits you have on your cluster map! Wow! Every continent. Tsk Tsk - you haven't had any hits from Madagascar, though... :D


  3. Yep, I think that would qualify you for mother of the year. Mine never tell me that!


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