Monday, February 16, 2009

Homeschool Valentine's Party

Friday we had our homeschool Valentine's party.  My boys thought it would be fun if we could have a contest for the best Valentine's boxes.  We decided to have two categories:  Funniest and Most Creative.  We gave two prizes for each category.  One for those who needed help from parents and one for those who did not have help.

We made some ballots so all the kids at the party could vote for their favorites.

Here is Maiden standing beside her flower pot Valentine's box.  She was distributing all her valentines to the 33 different bags/boxes.  When it came time vote, she didn't vote for any of her sibling's boxes.  She wanted her friends to win.

Duchess (in the black shirt and red skirt) lobbied for her box as the kids were casting their votes. She was very persuasive.  "You like that one?  It's not very about this one?" (Pointing to her box.) 

Here we are after coming home.  It's a good thing we hosted the contest, so we could bring home three out of the four prizes.  Squire made a sheep box and won "funniest-no help from parents".  Maiden's flower pot won "funniest--with help from parents".  Duchess' purple castle won "most creative-with help from parents".  Poor Scribe won nothing for his Mario tube.  That's okay.  I was feeling guilty enough the way it was. 

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