Friday, November 14, 2008


I was going through my photos this morning and found a few that I wanted to share with you. I took these this fall. October 17 to be exact. We woke to this amazing view. I have never seen anything like it before.
It looked like cobwebs covering the entire ground. Could this be from spiders? Can there be so many spiders working through the night to make such a huge web blanket?
When I went out for a closer look, there was dew on all the webs. The morning was slightly overcast and foggy, yet warm.
Don't you think they look like waves on water? If anyone knows what this is called, or why it occurs, please comment. It was a magnificent sight. God never ceases to amaze me.

(By the way, I'm sure you've noticed that I haven't been posting lately. My heart has not been in it. We have been struggling with our two oldest sons and I am feeling like a complete failure as a parent. I know, I need to give it over to God and move on...but it's hard. Really hard.)

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  1. Wow- that is so interesting! I've never seen anything like that either - weird.

    Praying for you and your sons. I wish I had some good advice to share, but I don't. Just praying that God will show you what to do.

    Someone once reminded me that there is no one in the Bible that God used mightily that did not go through a "wilderness" experience. Moses killed a man. David had an affair and killed a man to cover it up. Praying that your boys will come through their wilderness experiences strong men of God.

  2. I love these pictures. Simply beautiful. As far as your heart not being in it.... take a break! You are not a failure as a mother at all. God tests us all and He will never give us more than we can bear. Sometimes I wonder though. Tonight Dannika and I agreed she would go to sleep in her own bed. She did it, but drove me CRAZY with every request under the moon - and I yelled at her, made her cry... oh my! It must be mommy bed time, too!

  3. Those pictures are amazing! You should enter them in a contest!

    Hang in there with the boys! It has to get better!

  4. Those picture are amazing and very unusual. I hope some explains it.

    Many prayers for our boys/men.


  5. Hi Michelle, Those are some awesome photographs, I love the one that looks like waves. It could be lots of things..too wet and a lawn fungus (pythium), Cinch bug larvae spin webs, spiders spin webs..the normal ones. Cut the grass a little shorter maybe, so it can dry out..but hey it will snow soon if it hasn't already in your neck of the woods. I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with the boys..more prayers help ya know! We can only pray and think about you when you are silent. When you surface we can at least offer an ear and support, and oddles of prayers! :)

  6. HI Michelle!

    YOU sound like one of the most AWESOME-EST mommies I Know!!

    Hang in there and remember, it is the LOVE that really counts...and sometimes that love is not so nice...they all go wild for a while, they need to but, they will be back...just gotta keep them safe for long enough to get through it... Hang in there, I think you are doing a super SUPER job!!!!

  7. Great pictures, very interesting. I'm sorry I havn't been around lately, my laptop broke and I couldn't find all my saved places on the other computer. Ugh. I'm going to add you to my blogroll so I don't lose you again.

    Hang in there with the boys. I know how hard it is. We just told Tyler (15) that if he hasn't shaped up by the end of the first semester I am taking him out of school to homeschool him. As he has never been homeschooled he was agast and not at all happy. I am investigating programs in our area, so I am prepared if need be. Hang in there, I will pray for you.



    According to this head scientist; it's particulates from the climate change govt. battle.


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