Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Poopie, Mama"

This morning Prince Charming called out to me, "Poopie, Mama." He was pointing to his bottom so I assumed he'd already done the deed and needed a clean diaper. He hadn't gone yet, so I pulled out his little potty chair and grabbed a pair of underwear.

I praised him, "Thank you for telling Mama. You are such a big boy. Let's put your Cars underwear on you. Then you can sit on the potty when you have to go."

I was ill prepared for his reaction. He wanted those underwear off and a diaper back on. But I am stubborn. I refused the diaper request. He was going to wear those underwear until he decided to use the potty chair. I went about my morning routine until one of the older boys called out for my help. I found this:

Prince Charming had lost the underwear. Squire thought it was disgusting to eat breakfast with his brother lurking in the buff . I removed him from the table and reminded him he needed to use the potty. A few minutes later I found this:Since we do not have a dog, one would think it is just a little spilled water, but when a two year old is standing over a puddle saying, "Uh oh, pobby." (that's potty in his language), you can no longer assume it is water.

This is the seventh, I repeat SEVENTH two year old, I have raised. You'd think I'd learn that they are more stubborn than I can ever be. He won. That 15 minutes of blissfully thinking my child would now be in underwear is just a vapor in the wind. We are back to using diapers.

I'll leave you with a little video showing the underwear reaction:


  1. Oh - so funny! Good luck with the potty training. I seem to get more relaxed about it with each child. Dannika was totally trained by the babysitter, thank heavens. Destiny... she may be doomed!

  2. Oh I LOVED this! You and I both are women of unusual stamina...How else could we have signed up to poddy train so many little people :)!

    A big hug to you, Michelle!

  3. Too funny! And, oh, do I remember the days....

  4. Good luck with the whole potty training thing! I love the picture of him on the table. I literally laughed out loud :)!!

    I'll experience the joys of potty training in a few years. I'm already dreading it :)!!

    Thanks for your comment on our site yesterday. Come back and visit anytime :)!!

  5. I can so relate to this. I thought our youngest would never be potty trained!!! It is my least favorite part of being a mom. lol.

  6. I hated the potty training stage! So glad it is you and not me going through it right!

  7. Michelle, you are AMAZING!!!

    (7th potty training!!)


    Great post!!

  8. Gosh after seven, you should have a potty training award!! Kids are so cool! Loved the video..he is so not ready for the big boy undies..maybe tomarrow or the next day..:)

  9. Potty training is certainly not an easy task. We've been working on it for several months now.

  10. Too cute...funny how he parked himself on the table. May God give you wisdom ...and patience...and mercy and grace!


    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  11. Our two girls were easy, or maybe I just have a faulty memory. Potty training was about 25 years ago.

    You definitely haven't lost your humorous touch, dear Michelle.

  12. I love it! LOL I am going through the same thing. Sam was going to the potty since 4 months old, with me taking him when I knew he was going to go. So I thought it would be easy. Nope, along the way he got a mind of his own and decided he would never use the potty again. The floor, yes. The diaper, sure. The couch? Yes. The Wii, yes.


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