Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Number One Comment

I'm sure you are sick of hearing about my medical issues from last week, but I have to share just one more thing.

What does one say to someone lying in a hospital bed who looks horrible? What would you say to someone who has lost a baby, a ton of blood, had a blood transfusion, and has just come out of surgery?

Only your dearest friends will be brutally honest with you. They won't beat around the bush. They won't lie and tell you how great you look when you look like death warmed over. They will tell you like it is. Only one of your truest friends will say:

"Boy, they must put color in embalming fluid because a corpse has more color than you."


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  2. Now that is brutal honesty at it's best! That's one of those friends that you want to take shopping for clothes with you.

  3. Let's hope that was followed by a hearty laugh, a big hug and the knowledge that when your color returns you'll get a great compliment! :)

    Hope you are feeling better every day - wish I could bring a meal for you and your family!


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