Monday, August 25, 2008


I had to take Duchess to a surgeon today to have him look at a cyst on her eyelid. A few weeks ago it was huge and we took her in to urgent care. (She couldn't blink her eye fully closed.) It has since gotten smaller but were told today that it will not go away without the core being removed...surgically.

Since it is on her eyelid, and she is so young, the surgeon decided she needed to be put under...just to keep her eye safe. Just what we need. Another surgery and hospital bill.

I started having hot flashes and got a little nauseated as he started explaining the procedure. I thought I was going to pass out. Strange, huh? Maybe I over did it. It was the first time I have driven in ten days and the first time I have not been under the supervision of The King or Jouster.

I told the surgeon we had to wait a few weeks until I feel better. So, in the meantime, I am trying any and all suggestions for home remedies of a subaceous cyst. The only thing I have read about is using Callendula topically. If you have a tried and true method....PLEASE let me know. Duchess will be very grateful.


  1. Colloidial Silver. I'm not sure on the spelling, but I remember the T. & S. G. suggesting that for eye infections and Dr. Issaacson recommended licking a dime and rolling it over a stye. So silver can be safely used around the eye.

    Good luck! Poor girl.


  2. Can't help you out on this one...I have no home remedies.

    You asked about sending Jeremy off to college....I think if I sent him off to Norway for over 2 weeks and the trouble with getting him home, I should (crossing fingers) be ok sending him off to college.

  3. I don't really know of anything, sorry hun, but I wish you the best, and I'll try to look in some of my books!!

    Hey don't feel bad about not seeing Monkey, WE have not seen Prince Charming!!

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. Wish I could help on thgis one! Hope she gets beetr and some relief until the surgery. Hope you are feeling stronger physically too, with each new day!

  5. Ick! I'll be praying that it clears up!

  6. Hoping that her eye clears up soon. It sounds painful.

  7. HI Michele,
    I am so sorry, I know you must be feeling so sad, my heart is heavy for you. There are no words except to say that I am thinking of you, and be gentle with yourself...feel ok about being sad, and it will pass when you are ready.

    How nice to have Jouster home, gosh I do not know you but I DO wish I could bring you chicken soup or something!

  8. Michelle, my thoughts and prayers are with you...I do hope you are feeling better soon and glad to hear that your son is home. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog...I still have lot's to post about my adventures with the girls...I'm so thankful for the time with them...Kendra


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