Thursday, April 3, 2008

This book is a must read. A book that you will be unable to put down (except when you get too emotional and caught up in the story).

Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn, is the story of two college friends. Li Quan is Chinese and Ben is American. They were roommates at Harvard and Ben was instrumental in leading Li Quan to the Lord. After Li Quan returned to China, he and Ben drifted apart.

Ben is a successful businessman who has made several trips to China and is implementing a new plan for his company to make millions of dollars through Chinese manufacturing. As part of a successful business venture, Ben's boss has decided it would be good for business to have Ben look up his old friend that he has not seen in twenty years.

Ben is in for a big surprise. Li Quan is not living the life he had imagined for his old friend. He was certain that Li Quan was a successful professor and author, when in reality Li Quan is a locksmith who barely makes ends meet. He has on numerous occasions, been imprisoned, beaten and tortured for his faith. Through it all, Li Quan stands firm for the Lord.

Li Quan's daily question is, "Is this the day I die?" Ben, who has turned from his faith, does not understand how Li Quan could stand so firm in in his belief. Why does he fight so hard for the underground church when there is a perfectly fine state run church? What's the big deal?

Ben does not believe Li Quan's stories of persecuted Christians in China until he is fully immersed into Li Quan's family and life. Li Quan gently teaches Ben about the harsh reality of being a follower of Christ in China. These followers would give their lives, willingly, for Christ.

There are many thought provoking quotes in the book. My favorite, and one I want posted on my refrigerator, is:

"One moment after men die, they know exactly how they should have lived. But then it is too late to go back and live their lives over again. Too late for the unbeliever, in the jaws of hell. But also too late for the believer, who cannot relive his life, remake his choices, this time following his King more faithfully."

I was humbled as I read page after page. I don't know how someone could read this book and not wonder about their own faith. The question that I kept asking myself was how I would react if I came face to face with persecution for my faith. I don't know if I fully understand what that entails.

I highly recommend this book, and urge you to pass it on when you've finished.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful book. I will definitely add it to my summer reading list.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Sounds like a good one! Any other good suggestions? (like I am going to have time to read a book now with calving and spring work....a girl can hope).

  3. Oooo that sounds like a great book! Do you own it? Maybe I could borrow it?

    It was so great to see you on Thursday. Just e-mail me about next week. I'd love to have you over.

  4. Michelle, please go read my post...I just left you an award...thanks for your support and prayers! Kendra

  5. OK, now I have to get that book, too. Sounds like a good, challenging book.


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