Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday our sweet Duchess turned 6 years old!

I was leaving to visit Jouster for the day so we presented her with her main gift before I left.

She wasn't too impressed because the bike came with training wheels...and she hasn't needed them for two years. (Once we took them off, she was a lot happier.) I thought she'd be upset about the color. She kept hinting that she wanted a purple bike for her birthday.

I looked all over for a purple one in her size. Apparently bike manufacturers assume that pink is every little girl's favorite color. Fortunately, the tassels on the handlebars were pink and PURPLE.

After I got home, we had our special supper and baths. Then it was time to open the gifts from her siblings. She got some doll clothes, beads, jewelery, pajamas, gum, and a game. (I wish I would have had six siblings as a child!)

Brother Jester made the beautiful cake. We topped it with trick candles. After the third time of blowing them out she said, "I can't believe this."

Though fondant makes a beautiful cake, it just doesn't taste very good. Duchess pulled the frosting off and said, "The bread part of the cake is my favorite."

She said she really liked her bike, but her very favorite present was this.

A pack of gum.

Her future husband is going to be one lucky man. Not all women are so easy to please.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! We thank God for blessing us with you. We love you!


  1. Jester's cake looks amazing. Duchess is lucky to have such a cool brother!

  2. Happy Birthday Duchess!!!!! Your cake is beautiful.

    Hope you all can come out on Thursday. I'll e-mail later or try calling again now that Andrew is in the house and banished to the house for the rest of the day.

  3. Happy Birthday Duchess! Michelle, please go read what I just posted. By the way, we all feel like failures, which doesn't mean we are, it just means we feel which is a good thing! Ask what you want! All my love, have a marvelous day! Thanks for being you!


  4. I can't believe your son made that cake! It is fantastic!!

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl. I have a purple loving girl also.


  5. What a sweet birthday girl! Jester did a fabulous job on the looks wonderful!

  6. Go figure - a pack of gum! I once took my granddaughter (she was 4 or 5) to the ballet. It was Christmastime and the Nutcracker was performing in Montreal.

    It was a beautiful performance, and she (and all the other children in the audience) enjoyed it thoroughly.

    On the way home, we stopped at a Macdonalds for something to eat.
    Once home, she rushed to her mom and said "Guess what mom, we went to Macdonalds."
    "How was the ballet?" asked her mom.
    "Good - but we went to Macdonalds!!"
    I must have spent $150 on ballet tickets for the two of us and $10 (if that) at Macdonalds.
    Ah well - kids will be kids. And we love them so.
    Lucky Duchess to have such a loving family.

  7. Happy birthday sweet girl-I often find myself saying, "I can't believe this!" that and I am so a gum girl...enjoy that pack Duchess...the cake is beautiful...I've never tasted fondant (do you make it or buy it?)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  8. Happy Birthday and have a great year.

  9. Kimmie,
    I have heard you can make fondant, but it looks complicated. We just buy it. I think if my son wants to keep using it, he is going to have to learn to make it. It's not very cheap!

  10. Happy Birthday, Duchess. I'm sorry we're so late in our greeting, but you're special every day.


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