Monday, February 18, 2008

Look What I Did...

I just joined the Homeschool Lounge. Actually I am pending....pending approval. Do you think they want me? I hope they want me. My old insecurities have resurfaced. I believe it goes back to the days I was always afraid of being picked last for teams. How horrible that would have been.

One boy in our class was always the last one picked because he had a heart condition. I always felt bad for him. What was that playground supervisor who organized the game thinking? If I had been in charge, I would have made a rule saying: Any team games played during recess or Phy Ed will be chosen only one way. An appointed person will radomly select students by pointing and saying, "You're a one, you're a two, you're a one, you're a two. One's over here, two's over there."

What do you think? Were you ever picked last? Is there a better way than One's and Two's? Should I just be thankful my children have been spared being picked last because they are homeschooled? Or should I say, "Gee Michelle, can't you let it go? For crying out loud, it's been over thirty years!"


  1. I always felt bad for those picked last too and still do....they still use that method believe it or not!

    It's funny how those insecurities stick with us a lifetime!

  2. haha! I was always last picked too! Oh, those sad memories. I am still pretty bad at sports, but I am an adult now and I usually get to be in the charge of a team, so things work out better these days!

  3. I was usually picked in the middle. I wasn't to bad but not very good either.

    I agree that we should just asign numbers. I always felt really uncomfortable for those picked last.

  4. Yep, picked last. It may have had something to do with my total lack of athletic ability, but it still hurt.

    And someone (adult who should have known better) at our school had the bright idea that we all had to play ball at recess time. That's fun, being forced to play when no one wants you to.

    Yeah, it may have been 30 (or more) years ago, but you don't forget the feelings.

    Though I don't homeschool now, it is one of the things I really appreciated.

  5. oh, and thanks for visiting my blog. I live in Madison now, but grew up in Lake Norden and graduated from Hamlin.

  6. Grrr. This is a pet peave. What was the teacher doing. Yes, I have been chosen last and I still get that dreaded feeling when the chance comes up!

  7. I see that I'm not alone. That was only one of the ways Phy Ed class scarred me. I actually thought that class was a cruel old tradition that needed to be abolished as a child. I had no idea that they actually thought it should be something GOOD for us! LOL I'm glad that my kids can choose classes/sports that they enjoy and are actually interested in and not subjected to all that "fun".

    No worries, though. I'm sure you will be "approved" to join. ;-)


  8. I feel bad for those kids who are picked last because they believe they are no good and can't do any better than they did yesterday. My heart goes out to kids who don't believe in themselves and try new things. I cry for children who don't know the joy that comes from knowing that Jesus is their best friend and he likes them and who you know is all that matters!

  9. Hi Michelle;

    Hurts are hard, but the Word of God is the solution...try memorizing these...

    If God be for me, who can be against me. Romans 8:31

    God has chosen me. John 15:16

    I will be strong,vigorous, and very courageous. I will not be afraid, nor will I be dismayed, for the Lord my God is with me whereever I go. He never rejects me, but has promised to be with me always.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  10. Hope you'll tell more about the homeschool lounge and it is interesting, fun, etc... Looks interesting!

    How is your oldest doing?


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