Thursday, December 6, 2007


Photo courtesy of Duchess

November 28th we celebrated 20 years of marriage. We had a nice evening...we ate at PF Chang's and then went to Best Buy (his idea), Home Depot (my idea) and Trader Joe's (mutual idea). Isn't that what everyone does for a major wedding anniversary? Seriously though, we really had a great time.

We reminisced about the big ice storm on the day of our wedding. Being from a small town in South Dakota, there were no hotels nearby. Due to glare ice on the roads,we were forced to spend our wedding night, along with our wedding party and numerous strays, stranded at my parent's house. The King and I were the lucky ones. We were granted a private suite (my brother's bedroom---complete with a set of twin beds). Everyone else slept on any available surface of the house. The most popular being the floor.

A vision of the morning after will be etched in my mind forever. The entire main floor of the house was covered with bodies...still dressed in tuxes, gowns, and wedding attire. The King happily made everyone breakfast (for those of you who don't know my husband; he loves to have company, lots of company, for lots of hours...he especially loves to feed company...he was definitely in his glory). I never dreamed I'd have to spend my wedding night, and my first morning as Mrs. King with my parents and so many others. Oh well, it makes for a good story. Most everyone was able to leave by early afternoon, but the ice was still too bad for us to travel on to our honeymoon destination.

So, we just went home and started life. A brand new family of two. That leads us to where we are today. We are still doing life. Except life today is much more exciting. A family of nine. Wow! Who would have known?

Thank you, Lord, for these TWENTY blessed years.


  1. Aww, what a sweet story. Happy Belated Anniversary.

    Your date sounds great to me. Those are the kinds of things my husband and I love to do together also. When you have a lot of kids sometimes it is nice to go into a store alone together so you can actually have a conversation about what you are buying.

    I love the picture too!

    Have a Blessed day today,

  2. Happy Anniversay! What a fun wedding memory! If things always turned out according to our plans life would be boring. God always has something better for us.

    Stay warm!

  3. 28 years of marriage here. It sounds like some of our celebrations - go out to eat - do a little shopping - and spend the whole time talking about the kids.

  4. Hi Michelle!

    Happy anniversary...what did you have at PJ Changs? (I love their tofu lettuce wraps, yum!)

    I am thankful for your sweet wedding day remembrances, may He continue to bless you all!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  5. Kimmie,
    Yes, we had lettuce wraps. Yum! We also love the Kung Pao Shrimp. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.

  6. Happy Anniversary....a little late...sorry! Sounds like you had a great one!

    I will never forget that day either...Chad and I drove home after the dance...all the way on gravel and it was just as bad as the highway. I can't believe we made it home...and those were the days before cell phones too!

  7. Enjoyed reading your blog... neither of you looks old enough to have been married 20 years! Congratulations!

  8. I love that story! It is the real stuf that happens in life that turns out to be what really stands out with time :).

    Darling picture!

  9. Almost forgot! Twenty years, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

  10. Congratulations!!!! (Love the pic!)

  11. I never heard your wedding day story before! Amazing what you find out about people on a blog!

    That is a sweet photo-haven't seen the King on here lately. Heard he's been quite busy...

    God bless you both! We love you.


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