Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Homecoming Celebration

December 4th we celebrated the four year anniversary of our sweet Duchess coming home!!
I tried to scan in some of her homecoming photos but was having some technical difficulties. Maybe someday soon I can show you some "now and then" photos.
She knew it was her "day". The whole day we heard, "It's my anniversary. I think we should ___________." Fill in the blank with: go shopping for sleds, go sledding, bake cookies, watch a movie, etc. She was definitely working it to her advantage.
Scribe is our card maker in the family. He loves to make personalized cards. Here is the front of the card he made for Duchess.
The quality of these photos is not the greatest. After some trouble shooting, I found some pretty thick fingerprints on the lens of my camera. I fingerprinted everyone in the family under the age of 10 and found that the culprit was Maiden.
The girls in the family:

Scribe wanted a big party for Duchess. He rigged a toy gun to shoot off confetti when she opened her card and gift. (His invention backfired, so he had to throw the confetti by hand.)

After our gift and confetti celebration, we met some family and friends at our favorite Tuesday night restaurant. You'll have to guess where we eat on Tuesday's. Here's a hint:

Top it Tuesday---5 toppings, any size pizza for $11.99

Prince Charming fell asleep on the way to the restaurant. He was so tired, he didn't wake up when we put him in the high chair.

Duchess wanted to take some photos of the restaurant sign...

Look who woke up in time for pizza...

Maiden and Duchess with their cousin, Countess of Spring Lake.
A group photo:

We love you Duchess and couldn't imagine life with you. December 4th will always be a very special day for all of us!


  1. What a wonderful addition to your family!

    That is my favorite place to eat too....I LOVE their food (who am I kidding, I love food...period!).

    I can't believe you have had her 4 years already!

  2. Happy 4th homecoming Abby!

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night.



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