Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Balloon Popped

This little girl took way too long getting here. It took years to persuade The King into pursuing adoption and once the process finally began, we had two more years of official waiting. She is a joy and so full of life. Sometimes I look and her and can't believe she is my daughter. Created by God, nurtured in another woman's womb, then placed in my arms. How blessed I am to have experienced this thing called adoption. How thankful I am that her birth mom chose life.

Each morning she runs to her special place....my arms. "Snuggle me mama," she says. In our pajamas and snuggled under a warm blanket, we quietly contemplate the day ahead. There are times I am so filled with joy I feel like I am floating on a balloon. Today was one of them. Rather than sitting in silence I prayed aloud, "Lord, thank you for this child. She is a blessing to our family and I am so thankful you chose us to be her parents. Help us to raise her to love you."

The problem with balloons is that they deflate or can easily be popped. After my prayer, Duchess lovingly looked up into my eyes. She obviously had something to say. I was waiting for something profound, for my balloon to be filled more. Soon I would be floating even higher. Her loving glance became somewhat disturbed. After a slight pause she bluntly stated, "Mom, your breath is stinky."


  1. LOL ~ that is both sweet and funny. Hee-hee.

    She is a blessing and I've enjoyed getting to know her and her mama this year.

  2. LOL! And I think it is a just a sign that she is truly yours. :)

  3. That was hilarious! At least you know she is yours when they say stuff like that to you!

  4. Kids say the darndest things! And you definitely have a way with words, too, Michelle.

    I come to your blog to smile and many times to LOL, as do others, I see. Bless you for sharing!


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