Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Remember

When We Were Young has tagged me for "I Remember" it was fun to read hers. I don't really know the rules, but I am doing the main things I remember growing up. I always think I don't remember a lot, but now in doing this, I realize I do.

~I remember checking off 30 days on a calendar. One check mark for each night I didn't sleep with my mom and dad. My reward was a Drowsy doll.

~I remember my first kiss. I was five, his name was Tracy, and he kissed me over the phone.

~I remember being told (and believing) that you got freckles from kissing boys.

~I remember staring in the mirror after my first kiss...and finding a huge new freckle. I was so afraid that someone would notice and know that I'd been kissed by a boy.

~I remember running away from home when I was five. The only reason I turned around and came home was because my mom yelled out the door that Sonny and Cher would be on soon. (The house I was running away to didn't have a TV.)

~I remember bobby pinning a towel on my head so my hair would be long like Cher's.

~I remember seeing a mouse run up my baby brother's pant leg and watching him giggle--and then start to cry when my mom started screaming.

~I remember the day we left Iowa and moved 'back home' to South Dakota, right next to Grandpa and Grandma.

~I remember watching Captain 11, Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch after school every day.

~I remember having a horse named Black Beauty, dogs named Rusty and Midnight, a cow named Daphne, and a cat (actually numerous cats) named Fluffy.

~I remember family reunions and cousins who visited from Norway.

~I remember being mean to my little brother by pretending I cut his heart out. I would taunt him by telling him I had his heart and he could never get it back. He would be screaming and crying, "Give me my heart back. I need my heart. I will die without my heart!" (Sorry Buddy.)

~I remember being mean to my younger sister by telling her that mom and dad didn't love her as much as me because she was adopted. (It was retaliation because she would tell me that mom said she was her favorite.) She wasn't adopted, but it was the only thing I could say to her that made her cry. (Sorry Sis.)

~I remember plugging Frazzled Farm Wife's sister's nose while she was asleep. I am pretty sure it was Chris' idea. (Chris, could you tell Cheryl I am sorry about that too?)

~I remember in confirmation class my pastor telling me that we won't have the same relationships with people in heaven that we do on earth. If we have husbands, wives, moms, dads, we won't know them there as we do here. We will only know that they were once significant in our lives. His comments scared me and I was bothered for a long time (years). I didn't really want to go to heaven after that.

~I remember the time I saw my dad cry, the morning he and my mom told me Corky (Chris' dad) had died.

~I remember the day I became a true believer.

~I remember that all I wanted to do after high school was to get married, have two boys and two girls, and to be a stay at home mom. Would ya look at me! I stay home with my children, and I did get my two boys and two girls...I just got a bonus...three more boys!

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  1. I laughed pretty hard at some of these!

    I was combining on the land that we bought from my mom (where I grew up) and had lots of memories come back....I might just have to save a few of them for this meme.

    I do remember having lots of fun with you! And lots of trouble and groundings to go along with it.

  2. Oh, I'm still laughing about the mouse going up your brother's pant leg and your mom freaking out....

    and you were a mean big sister!!!

  3. That was a great post! I had to laugh at some of your memories, and I remember some of the same things you did, like the TV shows. I am afraid I would have screamed just like your mom at a mouse!


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